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Planetary Hours Planetary Hours Planetary Hours Planetary Hours Planetary Hours

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For most magical traditions, ancient and modern, the vibrations of the planets affect different parts of the day and the night.
The two parts of each day - the bright one and the dark one - are broken down into twelve hours, each tied to a particular planet and influenced by it.
Planetary Hours is a free Android App to instantly calculate the associations between the Planets and the 24 portions of each day called Hours, referred to a certain date and location.
The calculation is based on the time of sunrise and sunset, and these are information related to geolocation. Set the location infos through the Compass icon on the action bar or through the menu item Set Location; tap the Geolocate button to retrieve the information through the sensors of your device or fill yourself the text boxes.
The reference day is always the current one in a planetary sense: if today is February 3rd 2 in the morning, the day February 2nd will be considered because the dawn of February 3rd is not yet born.
The current Planetary Hour is highlighted with a blue ribbon.
PRO version available!
NB: Latitude and Longitude are expected in decimal degrees; Altitude is expected in meters.
★ Features
- Set location to immediately calculate the Planetary Hours
- Detect your location using the device's sensors
- The current Planetary Hour is highlighted by a blue ribbon
- Choose your favorite time format: 12h or 24h
- Choose your favorite date format: dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd
- You can turn on and off the ads in the Settings screen
- Move to SD card
- ICS look and feel
- Portrait and landscape layout
- Localized in English and Italian
每一天的两个部分 - 光明的和黑暗的一面 - 被分解成十二个小时,每个绑定到特定的行星,并受其影响。
- 设置的位置立即计算出行星小时
- 使用设备的传感器检测到您的位置
- 目前的行星小时由蓝丝带​​突出
- 选择你最喜欢的时间格式:12小时或24小时
- 你可以打开和关闭的设置屏幕的广告
- 移动到SD卡
- ICS的外观和感觉
- 纵向和横向布局
- 本地化的英语和意大利语

Planetary Hours 更新内容

- ICS look and feel
- Brand new landscape layout: choose the orientation you like the best
- Code improvement
- Changelog screen removed
- Ads presence (optional!)

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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