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Let’s face it; looking up details for a chip using your phone is usually a pain. The websites rarely have a mobile version and are hard to navigate. Even if you manage to get a PDF, your phone will no doubt suffer trying to render/navigate it.
Until now
SandScan has 3 major aspects that make the whole process a lot easier:
- A scanner that ascertains the chip name from a picture
- A fully functional Octopart search interface
- Integrated ecDB.net management
Chip scanner:
Simply take a picture of a chip, crop it and SandScan will extract the chip name to search. This can be especially useful for long and hard to read FPGA names.
Search interface:
Take advantage of the extensive Octopart search database. Not only does it return part details, but it also gives you a link to the datasheet! To make it easier on your phone, the PDF opens in Google Docs. If you don’t have it installed, it will load the website version, which renders the PDF for you.
ecDB.net integration:
ecDB is a new and awesome website that lets you keep all your parts in an online database. On top of that, you can make comprehensive BOMs for your various projects. SandScan lets you auto fill the details from Octopart results and upload them to your ecDB account.
Notable permission:
This is required by the ad provider (Inner-active) to provide advertising based on your rough geographic location (eg: the province/state you’re in). It also helps with targeted advertising. This is advantageous to everybody, the idea being you get ads for things you might actually care about, as opposed the usual “free iDevice” scam ads. That’s all the personal information SandScan gives to the ad provider. It does not read or give away your phone number, email or anything else personal.
Legal stuff:
Octopart, Octopart.com, PartList, The most exciting development in electronic parts search since Shockley was found doping silicon, are registered trademarks of Octopart, Inc.
ecDB, ecdb.net, and anything else relating to ecDB are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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