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Find out who is in love with you, who dislikes you, and even who may be stalking you. This love analysis application uses advanced, scientific algorithms that perform a detailed analysis of your text messages to determine the relationship status for each person whom you text that is both accurate and meaningful.
You will receive an expressive and detailed description of each person that you text for the purpose of seeing which of your relationships are thriving and which relationships need work. Moreover, you can view the progression, trends, and patterns of the relationship for each of your contacts, allowing you to see if the relationship is improving over time or if it is falling apart.
As you continue to build up the amount of text messages on your phone, the accuracy of the analysis will continue to improve as it has more data to work with. In addition, the algorithm’s analyzer will tell you the reliability of the analysis based on the information it has to work with for that given contact.
Notes and Clarifications:
- This app is only useful for those who send and receive SMS text messages.
- This app does not collect and/or store your text messages or any other personal information that you may have on your phone. You may read the privacy policy on our website for more information.
- Your analysis is kept confidential unless you choose to optionally publish a given contact’s result.
- The accuracy of your analysis depends upon the amount of text messages that you have stored on your phone.
- The analysis algorithm itself is based on many factors including text comparisons, averages, counts, time, text length, and ratios. We continue to improve the algorithm in many different ways in order to give a truly accurate analysis.
- We do not dumb down your relationship results in order to get a good rating from you. The algorithm remains truthful and will gladly tell you if you are obsessing over someone too much. Feel free to grow from your results and be a better person because we believe it will help you in the long run.
- If the accuracy of a given contact’s analysis is medium or higher, you are a young female, the description says that the given contact is stalking you, and that contact is a much older male, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice and counsel of a parent or teacher in this situation because they could possibly be a threat and danger to you.
- 这个程序是只为那些谁发送和接收短信是有用的。
- 这个程序不收集和/或存储您的短信或者,你可能有你的手机上的任何其他个人信息。你可以阅读我们的网站的隐私政策,以获取更多信息。
- 除非你选择有选择地发布给定的联系人的结果,你的分析是保密的。
- 你分析的准确性取决于您已存储在手机上的短信的数量。
- 分析算法本身是基于许多因素,包括文本比较,平均值,计数时间,文本长度,和比率。我们将继续提高算法在许多不同的方式,以提供一个真正准确的分析。
- 我们不要哑下来你的关系的结果,以获得良好评级由你。该算法仍然是真实的,会很高兴地告诉你,如果你沉迷在别人太多。随意从结果中成长,成为一个更好的人,因为我们相信它会帮助你在长期运行。
- 如果给定联系人的分析的准确度是中等或更高,你是一个年轻的女性,说明说,鉴于接触跟踪你,而且接触是一个更年长的男性,我们强烈建议您征求意见和建议在这种情况下,家长或老师,因为他们可能是一个威胁和危险给你。

Relationship Analysis 更新内容

- Corrected a crash relating to the retrieval of a given contact thread.
- Significantly reduced memory consumption to prevent out of memory errors some people were having if they have too many contacts
- Correct a memory leak related to loading too many contact photos.
- Removed the title tag from the sharing feature to prevent redundancy.
- Corrected a crash when attempting to view a contact's trend before it had a chance to finish loading.

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