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WebAccess for Business

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WebAccess for Business WebAccess for Business WebAccess for Business WebAccess for Business

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WebAccess for Business is a business use oriented easy access application for Buffalo TeraStation / LinkStation. WebAccess for Business is feature rich - WebAccess feature to view office files such as document and spreadsheet, PDF files, photos, and movies saved on TeraStation / LinkStation from anywhere anytime, functionality control by administrator, access control, accessing device control – so that businesses can share file on TeraStation / LinkStation safely.
- Office and PDF Support: View, upload, and download Office files such as document, spreadsheet, and presentation and PDF files from outside of your office. your Android becomes more convenient for business use.
- Photo and movie upload: upload photos of exhibition or events to TeraStation / LinkStation in your Office and quickly share the information with your colleagues.
Features which administrator can control:
- Access control: folder Access can be Set for each device. Set permission for each department or position, and important files are easily and quickly shared in the office.
- Accessing Device control: only registered devices are accessible (White List) and registered devices are denied to Access (Black List) are supported. files are safely shared when the administrator wants to control Accessing devices or a Device is stolen or lost.
- Function control: It enables and disables functions for each device. File download, Access block to certain types of files, and more are supported. WebAccess for Business satisfies demand of company which wants to manage information strictly.
- Profile (configuration file): It can apply the exactly same settings to multiple devices. Make a profile for each division or office, and the installation of WebAccess for Business is so much easy!
* For personal or home use, download WebAccess A.
Following Buffalo LinkStation/TeraStation supports WebAccess for Business:
LinkStation (Firmware version ver.1.26 or later): LS-CHL, LS-XL, LS-XHL, LS-VL, LS-SL, LS-AVL/A, LS-WXL, LS-WVL, LS-WSXL, LS-QVL
TeraStation (Firmware version ver. 1.32 or later): TS-WXL, TS-WVHL, TS-XEL, TS-XL, TS-XHL, TS-RXL
TeraStation (Firmware version ver. 1.00 or later): TS-6VHL, TS-8VHL, TS-RVHL, TS-QVHL, TS-WVHL
*WebAccess has to be set up from the Web Admin interface of LinkStation / TeraStation before using WebAccess for Business.
*Opening certain files, such as PDF files, requires a separate application. Download and install it before opening.
*SSL connection is not supported.

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New Release.

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效率办公 效率
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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