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MoteMote -Love story for Girls

MoteMote -Love story for Girls

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MoteMote -Love story for Girls MoteMote -Love story for Girls MoteMote -Love story for Girls MoteMote -Love story for Girls MoteMote -Love story for Girls MoteMote -Love story for Girls

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-Love story for Girls-
This is a free, romance simulation game.
"Wow, everyone's craving me: stop fighting!"
-Chaotic scrambling: am I everyone's target?-
Three boys had a crush on you, and
they always argue and fight for getting you.
"I am the only one to save her!"
"She's the most important in my life!"
"How many times do I have to say? She is MINE!"
Who will be the one to get you?
The class president?
Your old and best friend?
Or a easy-going boy who is a transferred student from the U.S.?
Yusuke Saito
Courteous and considerate class president.
He might show his strong side when he's with you...?
Santa Hanagata:
Leading player in the Basketball club.
He's been dreaming about you since junior high school.
Sho Shimakage
A transferred student from the U.S.
Just a small incident makes him like you, and he starts to take an astounding action...
How to play:
1. Read lines by tapping the screen. You can enjoy conversation with your boy!
2. Choose from the options coming up occasionally. Whether the boys' fight subside or even get worse,
it depends on your choice!
-Language selection
English and Japanese are available.
You can enjoy different atmosphere in each language!
-Receiving messages
After completing each episode, you can receive a message from one of the boys,
which can be read at 'Love Message' section in this application.
Messages differ randomly, so please check every message.
What kind of messages will be sent to you? Look forward to the results!
-Different endings
The conclusion of the story totally depends on the choices you make in each episode.
After completing one story, you can proceed to another boy's story.
-Nice, cute pics will be yours!
After completing one story successfully, you can get a picture of you and the boy you chose.
Once you have received a picture, it is saved at 'Acquired Pictures' section of this application where the picture is always viewable.
-Additional 4-frame manga
By answering questions after finishing each story,
an additional 4-frame manga will be available.
What are Saito's hobbies?
How does Santa act when he's happy?
What are the hidden facts of Sho?
Check them from the manga, and enjoy!
[Game Category]
Otome game,
Love simulation game,
Love story, Love games,
Love games for girls,
Dating sim
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This application cannot be played on Android Tablet.

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    MoteMote -Love story for Girls

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  • MoteMote -Love story for Girls

    MoteMote -Love story for Girls

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