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Fireworks Artist Lite

Fireworks Artist Lite

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Fireworks Artist Lite Fireworks Artist Lite Fireworks Artist Lite Fireworks Artist Lite

Fireworks Artist Lite 描述

The original fireworks game comes to Android app!
In this original simulation app you can design your own fireworks and firework shows!
"Fireworks Artist" is a genuine fireworks simulation game which was first released in Japan in 1996 for Windows95 and has been ported to many different platforms since then.
Mix different powders to create fireworks, produce shows… Attract crowds of fans who sacrifice their bedtime to experience the endless world of your profound art.
Being highly original game, it was even commended by professional firework makers.
In the Lite version you can...
・Freely launch up to many fireworks in the sky
・Choose between 3 different backgrounds
・Choose between 3 different bgm
・Choose a bgm from your music library
The Pro version lets you design your own fireworks, record fireworks shows, and use it as a desk decoration with the game's auto launch mode.
■How to play
Tap any firework icon on the bottom to launch it in the air. Scroll left and right between different icons.
Tap the upper part of the screen to open the game menu. You can change the background and music from there.

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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