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Fuji Xerox Print Utility

Fuji Xerox Print Utility

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Fuji Xerox Print Utility Fuji Xerox Print Utility Fuji Xerox Print Utility Fuji Xerox Print Utility

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Fuji Xerox Print Utility for Android is a free printing application for Android devices. Web pages, photos saved in your device or taken by the internal camera and PDF/DocuWorks* documents can be printed from Fuji Xerox multifunction devices and printers supported by this application via wireless LAN network.* DocuWorks is software that enables seamless integration of electronic documents and paper documents imported from scanners.For more details, please visit Fuji Xerox web site:http://www.fxap.com.sg/product/productDescription.jsp?id=174Key Features- Printing DocuWorks & PDF documents from a document viewer application.- Printing Web page, Contacts, Photos and captured photo.- Printing from any idle device (=On Demand printing) becomes available by linking with ApeosWare Management Suite and/or Serverless On-Demand Print function,System Requirements- Compatible models should be used.- Your Android devices should be connected to the wireless LAN network- Port9100 or LPD should be enabled on your printer- Bonjour should be enabled to automatically detect printers (if Bonjour is disabled, a user can specify a printer's IP address manually)Supported Languages- English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, JapaneseTested Devices and OS Versions- Galaxy Nexus SC-04D (AndroidTM 4.1)- Galaxy Note SC-05D (AndroidTM 4.0)- Galaxy S SC-02B (AndroidTM 2.2)- HTC Desire HD 001HT (AndroidTM 2.3)- NEC LifeTouch B (AndroidTM 2.3)- REGZA Phone IS04 (AndroidTM 2.2)Compatible ModelsPlease kindly confirm with Fuji Xerox official website as follows,For customers in Asia Pacific excluding Japan: http://www.fxap.com.sg/product/productDescription.jsp?id=174For customers in Japan: http://www.fujixerox.co.jp/product/software/printutility_and/   (Japanese)Notes and Restrictions- When you print a DocuWorks document, you may get garbled or overlapped characters, which is different from the display on the Android devices.- Printing may be aborted if a document including extended characters is printed.- You may get garbled or overlapped characters if a PDF file which doesn't contain whole font information used in the PDF document is printed.

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Android 4.2.x 以上

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