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Magical Drop Lite

Magical Drop Lite

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Magical Drop Lite Magical Drop Lite Magical Drop Lite Magical Drop Lite Magical Drop Lite

Magical Drop Lite 描述

※ Make new Friends and Share your best Record and Compete with fellow Players around the World through the OpenFeint social platform. (Go to “Menu” and “Openfeint”)
* Best Selling Retro Classic Magical Drop (マジカルドロップ) of Data East, aka MagiDro (マジドロ) or Chain Reaction in North America
* Action puzzle game originally released in the Arcade
* Extremely fast-paced! Focus to Win!
* A style and gameplay similar to Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Bobble
* iPhone Top 5 Paid Apps in Japan
Prepare yourself for one of the most challenging puzzlers in the market.
This time World has summoned her favorite friends, Fool, Star, Devil, Chariot, and Justice to compete in a Magical Drop Tournament to challenge World at a chance to receive a wish of their own desire.
How many Chains can you create?
How far can you go in Endless Mode?
I Beat World did you?
- Arcade Mode: 5 Difficulty Settings
- Endless Mode: 100 Levels
- Record Tracker: Track your Record (Time, Chains, Level)
- OpenFeint Enabled: Track achievements and your leaderboard progress against other players, Invite friends
- The return of your favorite Magical Drop Characters: (Chariot, Justice, Devil, Star, Fool and World)
- Somewhat Addictive, Nice, Clean graphics and Smooth gameplay
4 DIFFERENT Controls:
1) Swipe Controls
2) D-Pad Controls
3) Arcade Controls
4) Joystick Controls
Change your play style at anytime by using Zeemote(TM) JS1 controller as well as by going into "Settings" and "Key Config" and "SELECT".
For bugs reports, questions, comments, requests… contact our E-mail dragon214@aplix.co.jp directly to get an answer quickly.
※ This is the lite version of Magical Drop.
Pro version of Magical Drop is also available in Google Play!
We hope you will continue to enjoy the pro version with 6 favorite characters and Zeemote(TM) JS1 controller for better game playing, also share your scores with other players and see your worldwide ranking on OpenFeint.

Magical Drop Lite 更新内容

- New icon with an OpenFeint badge
- OpenFeint enabled (Leaderboards, Achievements)

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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