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Turn your car into a connected car with a compatible Pioneer in-dash multimedia receiver, a compatible Android smartphone, and this AppRadio app. With your Android device connected, you will be able to discover and install compatible Apps that are optimized for in-car use. You will be able to listen, view and control them directly from the large Pioneer touchscreen interface installed in your dashboard.
• AppRadio Mode USB
Cable connection
To make the single cable connection, owners can use the Pioneer CD-MU200 USB to micro USB cable or the micro USB cable that comes with the phone.
Compatible Pioneer products
- '15 Multimedia Tuners excluding AVH-X87*0BT:
AVH-X17*0DVD, AVH-X27*0BT, AVH-X3700DAB, AVH-X47*0DVD, AVH-XL4750DVD, AVH-X5700DAB, AVH-X57*0BT, AVH-XL5750BT, AVH-X57*0TV, AVH-X67*0DVD, AVH-X77*0BT, AVH-X77*0TV
- '16 Multimedia Tuners excluding AVH-X88*0BT::
AVH-X18*0DVD, AVH-X28*0BT, AVH-X3800DAB, AVH-X48*0DVD, AVH-XL4850DVD, AVH-X5800DAB, AVH-X58*0BT, AVH-XL5850BT, AVH-X58*0TV, AVH-X68*0DVD, AVH-X78*0BT, AVH-X78*0TV
Compatible smartphones
Depending on the Android phone you use, AppRadio Mode USB may not function well in its default setting.
Please change the AppRadioMode Sound System setting of your Pioneer product when you experience sound or image instability. Smartphone sound will then be played through your phone speaker instead of the AVH Car audio speakers, improving stability.
For some popular phones, the stable product setting is suggested below. The selection can only be made after you update your Pioneer product. The new firmware and instructions are available on your local Pioneer website.
AVH speakers/Default   
Smartphone speaker
Google Nexus 5      Asus ZenFone 5
Google Nexus 5X      Google Nexus 6
Google Nexus 6P      
LG G Flex2         Optimus G Pro
LG G3           HTC One M8
LG G5           HTC One M9
Motorola Moto G1st      OnePlus One
Motorola Moto G2nd     
Motorola Moto X2nd     
Samsung Galaxy Alpha     Galaxy Note3
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini  Galaxy Note4
Samsung Galaxy S6     Galaxy S4
Samsung Note Edge    Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note 5    Galaxy S6 edge
Samsung Galaxy S7
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact  Xperia Z3+/Z4
* Connection may not succeed if smartphone battery level is low
• AppRadio Mode
Cable connection
Both HDMI® and Bluetooth are used for connection. Please check what HDMI adapter your phone vendor recommends. For non-Samsung® phones that support MHL® technology, our Pioneer CD-AH200 HDMI adapter can be used.
Compatible Pioneer products
- AppRadio SPH-DA100, SPH-DA110, SPH-DA120
- Multimedia Tuners AVH-X85*0BT, AVH-X86*0BT, AVH-X87*0BT, AVH-X88*0BT
- Navigation Receivers AVIC-F950BT/F950DAB/F960BT/F960DAB/F970BT/F970DAB, AVIC-F50BT/F60DAB/F70DAB/F77DAB/F88DAB
Compatible smartphones
Support for HDMI video output is required.
* Screen flicker can be avoided by turning off hardware overlays in the developer options of your phone (Settings → About Device → tap Build Number several times)
Software End User License Agreement
为了使一根电缆连接,车主可以使用先锋CD-MU200 USB微型USB电缆或附带手机的Micro USB连接线。
- '15排除AVH-X87 * 0BT多媒体调谐器:
AVH-X17 * 0DVD,AVH-X27 * 0BT,AVH-X3700DAB,AVH-X47 * 0DVD,AVH-XL4750DVD,AVH-X5700DAB,AVH-X57 * 0BT,AVH-XL5750BT,AVH-X57 * 0TV,AVH-X67 * 0DVD,AVH-X77 * 0BT,AVH-X77 * 0TV
- '16多媒体调谐器排除AVH-X88 * 0BT ::
AVH-X18 * 0DVD,AVH-X28 * 0BT,AVH-X3800DAB,AVH-X48 * 0DVD,AVH-XL4850DVD,AVH-X5800DAB,AVH-X58 * 0BT,AVH-XL5850BT,AVH-X58 * 0TV,AVH-X68 * 0DVD,AVH-X78 * 0BT,AVH-X78 * 0TV
AVH扬声器/默认    智能手机扬声器
谷歌Nexus 5      华硕ZenFone 5
谷歌Nexus 5X      谷歌Nexus 6
谷歌Nexus 6P      
LG G的Flex2         擎天柱摹临
LG G3           的HTC One M8
LG G5           的HTC One M9
摩托罗拉摩托G1st      一加手机
三星Galaxy阿尔法     银河注3
三星Galaxy S4迷你  银河注4
三星Galaxy S6     银河S4
三星注边缘    银河S5
三星Galaxy Note 5    银河S6边缘
三星Galaxy S7
索尼Xperia Z5紧凑  的Xperia Z3 + / Z4
无论HDMI®和蓝牙进行连接。请检查什么HDMI适配器手机厂商建议。对于支持MHL®技术的非Samsung®手机,可以使用我们的先锋CD-AH200 HDMI适配器。
- AppRadio SPH-DA100,SPH-DA110,SPH-DA120
- 多媒体调谐器AVH-X85 * 0BT,AVH-X86 * 0BT,AVH-X87 * 0BT,AVH-X88 * 0BT
- 导航接收器AVIC-F950BT / F950DAB / F960BT / F960DAB / F970BT / F970DAB,AVIC-F50BT / F60DAB / F70DAB / F77DAB / F88DAB

AppRadio 更新内容

Fixes for AppRadio Mode USB:
• Stability fix through product firmware update. Please check bold text in this App description.
• Galaxy S7 display issue fixed
If connection fails, remove Maxthon Fast Pioneer, Sygic Voucher Edition and Extra Mile. These developers did not update for Android 5+ AppRadio Mode.
SPH-DA100 users who have issues connecting should avoid turning phone Bluetooth off when out of the car.

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AppRadio 信息

影音播放 视频
Android 4.0.2 以上



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