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Jota+文本编辑器 截图

Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器 Jota+文本编辑器

Jota+文本编辑器 描述

Jota+ is the best text editor for Android.
Jota+ is easy to use. And have the great ability and great performance.
For documentation, for programming, Jota+ provides the best experience of a text editing.
★features of Jota+
- Support multi-file feature.
- Support 1 million characters.
- Support many character codes and Auto-Detect feature.
- Search/Replace (Support Regular Expression)
- Highlight searching words.
- Support font customize. (Proportional / Mono Space / ttf,otf font )
- Support Install-shortcut feature.
- Auto save.
- Show Line numbers.
- Show Tab/Line-break mark.
- Count characters/words/lines.
- Customizable Toolbar.
- Syntax highlight support many languages. (awk,X11-basic,css,c/c++,java,javascript,lua,Objective-C,pascal,php,python,ruby,sh,tex,xml,html)
And it's customizable.
- Customizable Fixed Phrase management.
- Clipboard management.
- Built in file browser with bookmark management.
- Free Wallpaper by Non Miyabi. http://sites.google.com/site/nonsillustgallery/
- Detect file modification.
- Support physical-keyboard devices.
- Support Bluetooth Keyboard.
- Safe app without any evil permission requests.
- Support many kinds of Cloud Storage Services. ( Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive etc...)
- Support multi window feature for Samsung devices.
★FREE version is for trial, so some features are locked.
But you can use free version as a Text editor with sufficient capabilities
You can buy PRO-KEY app from Google Play to unlock extra features.
★For donors of Jota Text Editor (with Google Play Store).
The support for donors has been finished.
Thank you!
▼Google Analytics and Mobile Ads are built into the app.
Please confirm our privacy policy.
You can opt-out Google Analytics. (see menu-preferences-misc)
We prohibit the distribution of Jota+ on places other than Google Play.
It has been confirmed that the pirated app mixed malware has been distributed.
And we do not provide support to pirated apps.
Please be careful.
▼We don't reply to anything on Review Comments.
If you have troubles or suggestions, send us an email.
Q. Can't save on external SD card.
A. Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later doesn't support to write on external SD card.
Save it on internal storage, or use cloud storage.
Android 5.0 or later supports external SD card by Storage Access Framework.
see Preferences>File>Storage Access Framework. (PRO feature)
Q. I can't find my file in file browser.
A. Please check off "Text File Only" in side menu.
Q. I bought PRO-KEY, but couldn't activate.
A. Try following...
Make sure that your device is connected to the internet and logged into Google.
Confirm that PRO-KEY is installed in System Settings.
Click Menu - Preferences - Activate PRO-KEY.
reboot the device and start Jota+.
uninstall and re-install Jota+ or PRO-KEY.
- If you have troubles with the activation, please send an email to the developer.
Q. How to hide Floating Action Buttons.
A. See Preferences > Floating Button. Then select 'no-assign'.
▼About Permissions
- modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
- read the contents of your USB storage
for loading/saving to internal storage.
- full network access
- view network connections
for mobile ads.
for Google Analytics (see privacy policy).
- install shortcut
for installing a shortcut of the file onto Home app.
(c) 2012-2015, Aquamarine Networks.
- 支持多文件功能。
- 支持1万字。
- 支持多种字符编码和自动检测功能。
- 搜索/替换(支持正则表达式)
- 突出显示搜索词。
- 支持字体自定义。 (比例/黑白空间/ TTF,OTF字体)
- 支持安装,快捷功能。
- 自动保存。
- 显示行号。
- 显示Tab键/行中止的标志。
- Count个字符/字/行。
- 定制的工具栏。
- 语法高亮支持多种语言。 (AWK,X11-基本,CSS,C / C ++,JAVA,JavaScript中,卢阿,Objective-C中,帕斯卡,PHP,Python和Ruby,SH,纺织,XML,HTML)
- 可定制的固定短语的管理。
- 剪贴板管理。
- 内置带书签管理文件浏览器。
- 免费墙纸非雅。 http://sites.google.com/site/nonsillustgallery/
- 检测文件修改。
- 支持物理键盘设备。
- 支持蓝牙键盘。
- 安全应用,而无需任何邪恶的许可请求。
- 支持多种云存储服务。 (Dropbox的,Google云端硬盘,OneDrive等...)
- 三星设备支持多窗口功能。
 您可以选择退出谷歌Analytics(分析)。 (见菜单喜好-MISC)
A.是Android 4.4(奇巧)或更高版本不支持外部SD卡写入。
 的Andr​​oid 5.0或更高版本支持存储访问架构外部SD卡。
 见首选项>文件>存储访问架构。 (PRO功能)
  点击菜单 - 首选项 - 激活PRO-KEY。
   - 如果你有激活的烦恼,请发送电子邮件给开发者。
- 修改或删除您的USB存储的内容
- 读取USB存储的内容
- 全网络访问
- 查看网络连接
- 安装快捷
(三)2012 - 2015年海蓝宝石网络。

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