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DietDiary DietDiary DietDiary DietDiary

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DietDiary is a simple diary application with weight management.** Features *** Morning, recording the weight of the night- Height, weight started, enter your target weight, set.- Keeping records of weight change in both the morning and evening, the days average weight, BMI, notice to the target number.* Food intake records of momentum- Manage the most important meal size and momentum to the diet. Be recorded in daily for health management.* 18 different Ibentoaikon- Events and represent the condition and 18 different icons for various motifs.- The contents of the diary can be linked together with a simple note, how is yours.- Appears in the calendar, the obvious news of the day. * Quick note- Records of diet, schedule an appointment to put, as a diary, etc.,- The space available for free as you like.** How to Use**~The first setup screen settings~Bottom of the screen [Setting] tab tap, setting let screen.Height, weight start, target weight, please enter the date started.Please tap the SET button. ~To record the results of today~[Add] tab tap, add let screen.The left [morning], on the right [night] is the weight of the entry form for each morning and evening.18 types of icons are colored with a tap. Can be any number of taps.Food intake, amount of exercise can be recorded at five.[Memo] is a functional part of a simple note.After entering all please tap Add button.(Can also be modified later.) ~That should fit in List~Add screen or tap the Add button, menu, tab [List] is displayed when you tap the calendar.Each month, icons, body weight morning and evening, a simple note will appear.Future and the past can be entered. Completed, please list the dates you want to fix a tap.In the top / month and you can move left and right arrows display Tap the month. ~ Report of the diet - try to check progress~Menu tab [Report] Tap, Report let screen.In this case, age, body weight started, target weight, weight most recent to the target weight, BMI, food intake Hitoshi Taira, you can see the average momentum. Please indicator of diet.Setting up the basic settings, if there is no record of at least one day Report numbers are not displayed correctly. Please note. ** version info **2011/6/14 ver 0.9.0Beta Release...

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Android 1.6 以上



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