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SymbolsPanel Builder SymbolsPanel Builder SymbolsPanel Builder SymbolsPanel Builder SymbolsPanel Builder SymbolsPanel Builder SymbolsPanel Builder

SymbolsPanel Builder 描述

Generating SymbolsPanel settings for new symbols.
The app "SymbolsPanel" can accept symbols settings from other app. SymbolsPanel Builder generates settings for new symbols, and sends to SymbolsPanel.
In SymbolsPanel, turn on "Enable configure mode" and "Accept incoming settings".
Specifying symbols to generate
▷By character sequence
Specify characters directly (ex. Specifying "○△□✕" will generate for "○","△","□" and "✕".)
▷By range of code
Specify range of unicode (ex. Specifying "from 41 to 5A" will generate for each character from "A" to "Z".)
▷By Unicode block
(Available if "Unicode Name Database" is installed.)
Specify blocks to generate (ex. Specifying "Cyrillic" and "Arabic" will generate for all characters of those, even if not displayable on the device)
Page name
Symbols will be registered to specified page. This page will be newly created even if existing page has same name.
When specifying by block, the block name is used for page name.
Build/Send settings
Press "Build/Send" button to start building settings. After built, a application list to select where settings will be sent to will appear. If you want to set to SymbolsPanel soon, select "SymbolsPanel setting." Or, you can select a editor or memo app to write settings out.
※Hide a software keyboard from screen before pressing "Build/Send" button (by pressing Done/Enter key on keyboard or Back key of device).
Generated settings may contain undisplayable symbols. Use "Unicode Map" or similar apps to find symbols which can be shown.
Examples of range of code
▷0100~017F Latin Extended-A
▷0400~04FF Cyrillic
▷2500~257F Box Drawing
Displayable on Android 2.2 or later:
▷0591~05F4 Hebrew
▷0600~06FF Arabic
▷0E01~0E5B Thai

SymbolsPanel Builder 更新内容



Fixed a problem caused when the building process was canceled

Fixed to cause wrong results when a control character was specified

Changed to remove characters which are not defined in Unicode when range-specifying


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Android 1.5.0 以上

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