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Mental Arithmetic

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Mental Arithmetic Mental Arithmetic Mental Arithmetic Mental Arithmetic Mental Arithmetic Mental Arithmetic

Mental Arithmetic 描述

* Please read update info *
Mental arithmetic is a point income game of the types to face a CPU.
A point is hidden on a panel of 5x5. Using the number of a hint displayed by the lower left of the panel, I suppose a point and compete for taking more points.
It is a puzzle game common comparatively, but it is the characteristic of this game that you can customize a rule.
You can play a just right degree of difficulty by your customizing a rule.
There was the small inn which served as a bar in the foot of the mountain which lived monsters. It was a place of recreation and relaxation for venturers who lived by monster extermination. In addition, it was the nursery of the child of venturers. In the noise peculiar to such a bar, there was a game loved by any people regardless of age or sex.
It is this "Mental Arithmetic".
* How to play *
The point of a kind established in a rule on a panel of 5x5 is hidden.
"The number of the hint" is displayed depending on a rule by the lower left of the panel. This is a total value of each point of "the panels for the total" defined in a rule. You infer the point of each panel for the cause for this hint and open the panel.
You tap the panel to appoint the panel which you want to open. All players make the choice of the panel at the same time. You can obtain the point of the panel when it is only you who choose the panel.
They cannot obtain the point when you choose a panel same as somebody. In addition, they cannot choose that panel by the next turn. In addition, a point of that panel doubles.
The game is finished when the panel which all the members can open disappeared. Or even the case that the choice of the panel falls into an eternal pattern is finished.
After having performed the number of the games defined in a rule, the person with much sum total of the point becomes the victor.
* About Memo *
You can write a memo on a panel when you use the button of the "bomb" "pencil" which formed a line under a screen.
Please tap a panel after tapping the button of the memo which you want to draw to write a memo. Please tap the button of the left "finger" to choose a panel again after having written a memo.
* About Rule Setting *
You can access the setting window of the rule from "a setting button" displayed under a screen in the interval of the game, or pushing down a menu key.
* About Event Battle *
An event battle is a mini-game of the types that you challenge each character. This becomes the battle in a rule prepared for beforehand.
When you win an event battle, a new event battle is added. The event battle as the tutorial exists from the beginning. At first, please play in this, and, please learn an operation method and a rule.
By the event battle, it becomes all your defeat other than your victory and draw. For example, a CPU player except the opponent wins and is taken as your defeat even if your order was the top than the opponent. Please be careful.
* About Character *
Kerochi: He knows a lot about a rule, but is weak. He offers tutorial-like play to the beginner.
Pillow: He is very coward and, anyway, dislikes bombs.
Nico: An impertinent primary schoolchild. She basically stupid, but she cunning. She seems to have the older sister named the ICHIGO (=strawberry).
Chiko: She is a person proper comparatively who she infers a point for a hint, and aims at the victory. She has a slightly overbearing character. She is a daughter of the masters of the bars. She seems to have the cousin of the similar face.
Yashiro: She is a daughter of the neighboring Shinto shrine. She is called clairvoyance, and, for her, a panel seems to be totally transparent. However, she seems to be poor at a bomb for some reason.
* Q&A *
Q: What are an icon and the number forming a line under the face?
A: From the left... "icon indicating the total target panel of the number of the hint","the number of the games /max games","the hiding number of bomb and each point","an elapsed time".
* Q&A *
答:从左边... “图标,表示总的目标面板的提示的数目”,“游戏/最大游戏数”,“隐藏的炸弹数量和每个点”,“所经过的时间”。

Mental Arithmetic 更新内容

An error report-related correction: Revised a case of the abnormal termination that there was of the report. Thank you for a report.

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