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mpRemocon for iTunes mpRemocon for iTunes mpRemocon for iTunes mpRemocon for iTunes mpRemocon for iTunes mpRemocon for iTunes

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This the application which use Android phone as remote control of i-Tunes installed in PC.
It can controll reproduction of music and search music from playlists.
Themes is distributed In another packages.
You can copy music files to your terminal. (But dosen't mount the SD.)
This application provides remote control function in combination with app that resides on your PC.
・Be sure to install server app in your PC.
→Distribution site  http://relog.xii.jp
・Wireless LAN is indispensable.
You can check details such as the installation method in developer's site.
・It enable synchronisation of playlists.
・It enable display of artwork
・Started distributing the Mac version prototype of the server application.
○Display of present music info
 ・Playlists of now playing
 ・Playback position(time)
 ・Album artwork
○Display of present playlists
 ・Mark playing music
 ・Move next/previous song
 ・Volume Control(can operate by hard key)
○Search of music
 ・Display of playlists
 ・Categories for each play list
 ・Display of the music extracted by the category
○Copy of music
 ・Copy a piece of music
 ・Copy music on display in one go
 ・Register transmitted music with playlists of mobile phone
 ・Synchronization of Playlists
○Other functions
 ・Shutdown PC
 ・Sleep timer function
 ・Switch themes
 ・Function of server search
■ Special Thanks
* Translator
- @NEKOka3en
i-Tunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

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Android 1.6 以上

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