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Remote Phone Call Trial

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Remote Phone Call Trial Remote Phone Call Trial Remote Phone Call Trial Remote Phone Call Trial Remote Phone Call Trial Remote Phone Call Trial

Remote Phone Call Trial 描述

This is the full featured 15 day trial version of Remote Phone Call!
Use your Microsoft Windows PC as remote dialer for managing incoming and outgoing calls and for writing and receiving SMS messages. Look for missed incoming calls in your call log, read your SMS and use your phone contacts for dialing and creating SMS messages. All from your Windows desktop via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth....
Ideal in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. You can leave your phone in the docking station while managing your calls.
The additional Microsoft Office integration allows simple dialing and SMS creation direct from Outlook, Word and Excel.
Simply the remote control for your mobile phone!
CallCenter features (app running on your PC):
- Shows phone contacts
- Shows call log
- Allows dialing contacts, call log entries and entered numbers
- Writing and reading SMS messages
- Contact search
- Answer incoming calls
- Popup for incoming calls and SMS messages
- Manage audio settings
- Hotkey for dialing numbers from the clipboard
- Hotkey for accepting incoming calls
- Handle "tel" and "callto" ULRs
- Auto start at windows login
CallCenter Microsoft Office integration:
- Allows dialing selected numbers using the context menu of the text editor (Outlook, Excel and Word)
- Allows calling email sender and recipients with help of contact information (Outlook)
RemotePhone features (app running on your phone):
- Auto start with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
- Acoustic signal on connect
- Show connection status
- Send or download client installation package
to your Microsoft Windows PC
System requirements:
- Android 2.0 or higher
- a Microsoft Windows PC (XP or newer)
- a Wi-Fi (WLAN) environment or a Bluetooth* enabled PC
- optional: Microsoft Office 2007 or newer
*Supported Bluetooth stacks: default Microsoft stack, WIDCOMM stack
The PC application CallCenter offers a programming interface (API), which allows developers the use of the remote control features within arbitrary own applications. The SDK together with a sample can be found in the subdirectory "SDK" within the installation directory on your PC.
If you have any questions, please contact us at support@justremotephone.com! We cannot respond to comments left on Google Play.
使用您的Microsoft Windows PC远程管理呼入和呼出拨号器和编写和接收短信。错过的来电,您的通话记录看,读你的短信和使用您的手机通讯录,拨号和短信。所有通过Wi-Fi或蓝牙从Windows桌面....
其他Microsoft Office集成允许简单的拨号和短信创作直接从Outlook,Word和Excel。
  - 显示手机通讯录
  - 显示通话记录
  - 允许拨号联系人,通话记录条目,输入的数字
  - 写作和阅读短信
  - 联系方式搜索
  - 应答来电
  - 弹出来电和短信
  - 管理音频设置
  - 从剪贴板拨号号码热键
  - 热键接受来电
  - 处理“电话”和“快叫”URL的
  - 在登录Windows自动启动
呼叫中心的Microsoft Office集成:
  - 允许拨打选定号码使用上下文菜单的文本编辑器(如Outlook,Excel和Word)
  - 允许调用电子邮件发件人和收件人的联系信息(如Outlook的帮助)
  - 自动启动Wi-Fi或蓝牙
  - 声学信号连接
  - 显示连接状态
  - 发送或下载客户端安装包
   您的Microsoft Windows PC
  - Android的2.0或更高版本
  - 在Microsoft Windows PC(XP或更新)
  - 一个Wi-Fi(WLAN)环境或蓝牙*启用PC
  - 可选:微软Office 2007或更高版本

Remote Phone Call Trial 更新内容

- new: Extended features for rooted phones (see www.justremotephone.com)
- new: WiFi network filter for autostart feature
- fixed: Answering calls not possible on Android 5.0
- fixed: Some special characters like # cannot be dialed
- fixed: Client setup sometimes fails with DLL not found

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Android 2.0 以上
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