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Mongolian Keyboard Plugin Mongolian Keyboard Plugin Mongolian Keyboard Plugin Mongolian Keyboard Plugin

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монгол | Mongolian plugin for MultiLing Keyboard.
Dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard autocorrect and word prediction
​⑴ Install this plugin and Multiling O Keyboard. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh
⑵ Run O Keyboard and follow its setup guide.
⑶ Slide space bar to switch languages.
If you have font issue, read this: http://honsoapps.appspot.com/1/ma.html
The Mongolian language (in Mongolian script: Monggol kele.svg,[5] Mongɣol kele; in Mongolian Cyrillic: Монгол хэл, Mongol khel) is the official language of Mongolia and best-known member of the Mongolic language family. The number of speakers across all its dialects may be 5.7 million, including the vast majority of the residents of Mongolia and many of the Mongolian residents of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.[1] In Mongolia, the Khalkha dialect, written in Cyrillic (and at times in Latin for social networking), is predominant, while in Inner Mongolia, the language is dialectally more diverse and is written in the traditional Mongolian script. In the discussion of grammar to follow, the variety of Mongolian treated is Standard Khalkha Mongolian (i.e., the standard written language as formalized in the writing conventions and in the school grammar), but much of what is to be said is also valid for vernacular (spoken) Khalkha and other Mongolian dialects, especially Chakhar.
Mongolian has vowel harmony and a complex syllabic structure for a Mongolic language that allows clusters of up to three consonants syllable-finally. It is a typical agglutinative language that relies on suffix chains in the verbal and nominal domains. While there is a basic word order, subject–object–predicate, ordering among noun phrases is relatively free, so grammatical roles are indicated by a system of about eight grammatical cases. There are five voices. Verbs are marked for voice, aspect, tense, and epistemic modality/evidentiality. In sentence linking, a special role is played by converbs.
Modern Mongolian evolved from Middle Mongol, the language spoken in the Mongol Empire of the 13th and 14th centuries. In the transition, a major shift in the vowel harmony paradigm occurred, long vowels developed, the case system was slightly reformed, and the verbal system was restructured. Mongolian is distantly related to the Khitan language. It belongs to the Northern Asian linguistic area including the Turkic, Mongolic, Tungusic, Korean and Japonic languages. These languages have been grouped under the still-debated Altaic language family and contrasted with the Mainland Southeast Asia linguistic area. Mongolian literature is well attested in written form from the 13th century but has earlier Mongolic precursors in the literature of the Khitan and other Xianbei peoples.
词典插件Multiling o键盘自动更正和文字预测
⑴安装此插件和Multiling o键盘。 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh
现代蒙古族源自中古蒙古,口语在13和14世纪的蒙古帝国的语言演变。在转型,在元音和谐模式的重大转变发生后,长元音发达,一旦系统被小幅改革,并口头系统进行了重组。蒙古是远亲契丹语。它属于北亚洲语言区,包括突厥,蒙古语,通古斯,韩国和日本 - 琉球语系。这些语言进行了分组下仍然争论不休阿尔泰语系和对比与内地东南亚语言区域。蒙古文学以及从13世纪证明以书面形式,但早前蒙古语前体契丹等鲜卑民族的文学作品。

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