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[hanja game] HanTouch [hanja game] HanTouch [hanja game] HanTouch [hanja game] HanTouch [hanja game] HanTouch

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★[Chinese Characters Learning] Hantouch is the learning game that you can memorize Chinese characters naturally. It provides Chinese Characters which are assigned to authorized test from level 8 to level 4. Furthermore, this game has two kinds of way to play. One is Hantouch game in which you answer the sounds and meaning of Chines characters which are falling from top to bottom by touching them on screen. The other one is Speed game in which you have to answer quickly to complete stages. Both games are educational games that help you to improve right brain just by playing them.
★Chinese character menu organizes Chinese characters by meaning, sound, stroke, level of difficulties and related words so it improves efficiency for learning Chines characters.
★Right brain learning skills help memorize Chinese characters easily by using various images. It is invented by many educational specialists who claim that it is important to improve right brain in order to improve kid’s talent.
★[Chines characters learning] Hantouch app consist of educational game menu and Chines characters learning menu so every one is easily able to enjoy and also it improves learning efficiency a lot. Therefore, it is one of the best edutainment applications.
★[User’s guide]
1. Hantouch game and Speed game provide 8 level Chinese characters for free but if you want to play with other levels of Chinese characters, you have to pay. (but, learning for assigned Chinese characters of the authorized test (levels 4~8) is free.)
2. As level goes up, levels of difficulty also gets harder.
3. From level 8 to level 4, it consists of 1,000 Chines characters.
4. In some part of the application such as buying Chines characters, you have to pay.
★[中国汉字学习] Hantouch是学习游戏,你自然可以记住中国文字。它提供了从8级分配给授权的测试4级。此外中国的汉字,这个游戏有两种方式来播放。一是Hantouch游戏中你回答。中国字符,通过触摸它们在屏幕上正在下降从上到下的声音和意义。另一种是速度游戏中,你必须回答迅速完成阶段。这两款游戏是教育游戏,帮助你只是通过打他们提高右脑。
★[。中国人物学习] Hantouch应用程序包括教育游戏的菜单和。中国人物学习菜单让每个人很容易能享受,也它提高了学习效率了很多。因此,它是最好的教育娱乐应用之一。
1. Hantouch游戏,游戏的速度提供8级中国文字的自由,但如果你想与中国文字等水平发挥,你必须支付。 (但是,学习授权测试指定中国文字(4各级〜8)是免费的。)

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考试学习 学习
Android 2.2.x 以上

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