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WeakTie Connect WeakTie Connect WeakTie Connect WeakTie Connect WeakTie Connect WeakTie Connect WeakTie Connect

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:: We support Korean, English service. :)
- HTC Desire HD not supported. ;(
- 2.2 up
Social networking service that impressed, WeakTie
How many contacts are stored in your phone?
Because you are busy, important people were less contact.
Contact for a long time, you do not know what to what was gonna need to talk?
WeakTie has developed to solve these problems.
WeakTie is an efficient way to manage one's personal connections with the minimum contact effort,
and is gaining worldwide popularity.
For many people who live in the modern world with little time to contact their acquaintances,
this is an essential personal connection managing way. This communication way gives big impressions
to the receiver by remembering little trivial memories or information of theirs.
When somebody sends you a message remembering and celebrating your family member's birthday or
your child's entrance to school, or when they remember and mentions the restaurant that they had dined with you
after a long time with no contacts, you feel touched by their sweet consideration.
And that is an example of the power of 'Weaktie'.
This Weaktie App. keeps the notes about information, experience, memories about the personal connections
and allows to read them and recall it. And the application shows them on the screen of received call, so that
you can have a pleasant, impressing conversation even with whom you had had no contact for a while.
Before long we will present the full version of Weaktie with many more functions,
and we will be grateful to listen to feedbacks from many users through this light version, which would help
improve the quality of the application.
Thank you.
The Features
1. Phone Call screen
Which is important for someone to impress with information about the Notes containing memories incoming / outgoing calls at showing time to talk Provide a reason for the person concerned is able to express.
2. Phone Call screen, change the theme
: There are two modes to provide the theme of the incoming call screen.
3. Write people logs.
Precious memories and information, and to record the memories.
4. Share
: E-Mail, SMS, KakaoTalk
5. Sync (not supported yet) -> just sync now.
( we will be support it ).
Synchronize with Server Auto / Manual and connections
made ​​possible by Do not lose data backup.
6. PopUp Dialog
After a call by using pop-up dialogue, to remember the schedule registration appointments, and information about the other party to remember, enter the information directly.
Test Phone:
- Galaxy Series : Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy A, Galaxy U : ( 2.2.x , 2.3.x ), Galaxy Tab 2.x
- HTC Nexus One 2.2.x
- SKY VEGA 2.2.x
- Sony Xperia Arc 2.3.x
- HTC Desire HD - not supported yet.
:: Keyword
human, people, caller, callid, callerid, caller id, call,sms, management

WeakTie Connect 更新内容


- Some Bugs Fixed(PeopleLog Modified)


- In/Out Call Theme

(Show PhoneBook Notes, Address, Job)


- Join Us

- Data encryption

- Data Sync Issue

- CallScreen Issue

Add ( KeyPad, SpeackerPhone )

- Add Some Hidden Features.

- Some bugs fixed.


- Call Screen Theme(button size up)

- Some bugs fixed.


- In/Outgoing call, Bug fixed.(LockScreen)

- Change(Call Screen Button)

- Some bugs fixed.


- Outgoing call, Bug fixed.

- Some bugs fixed.

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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