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This app is for restaurant owners or managers who wants to automate the ordering and payment processes in their business. It is the most cost-efficient and easiest solution for small business (not just restaurants) to take full control of every transaction. Install this on your Android device, pair it with a cash drawer, receipt printer, and credit card scanner, then you are ready to entertain your customers.This is the updated version of the Kroid Restaurant POS System. This is the best and updated POS Software for your restaurant. You can check out website to learn more: http://kroid.net/. We this Point of sale system much easier, much faster, more additional features, and more options to personalize. This means you don't need much effort and money to run a powerful Point of Sale for your small business.Why is this POS Software the best fit for your business?1. After 4 months of thorough study, we improved Kroid Cloud POS Software for Restaurant into a more powerful Point of Sale compared to its first version. By several real-life testing, we come up to this latest version.2. We look into the real-life needs and common problems of small restaurants today. As a company that worked with the hospitality sector for many years, we know the needs of our clients.3. This Android POS Software compared to others is by far the easiest to learn and teach, fastest to process transactions, friendliest to average users, and for sure will make your small business great.

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* Fix bugs

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Android 4.1.x 以上

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