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Kids Math Tetris - Free

Kids Math Tetris - Free

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Kids Math Tetris - Free Kids Math Tetris - Free Kids Math Tetris - Free Kids Math Tetris - Free

Kids Math Tetris - Free 描述

- Play a Tetris-style game with a twist
- Learn addition in a fun way
- Compete on the global leaderboards
This is the free version of Kids Math Tetris - Fun Numbers. It has all the features the paid version has.
New Release Notes:
- Fixed some crashing issues on some special devices.
Game rule is simple: Numbers fall like tetris bricks, some can be removed if they sum up to a given number and they are next to each other on a same row.
Seems easy, but may be a bit challenge after you level up, since numbers will fall faster and faster ^_^
Global scoreboard is provided, compete with people all over the world! Top scorer gets the title "Sum God"!
Local statistics are also provided.
It's a fun game to play; It also helps your math skill while having fun!
Provides 3 Game Mode:
Marathon: Number to sum changes every level up, numbers fall faster every level up.
Time: Limited Time, number to sum changes, numbers also fall faster as game goes.
Forever 10: Number to sum is always 10, numbers fall faster after level up.
This version is Ads supported.
Keywords: Kids, Educational, Child, Children, Games, Sum, Math, School, Numbers, Count, Add
!!!If you are seeing issues, please shoot me an email support@ledugames.com with your device type and details about the issues you are having. I wll try my best to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks and please understand that there are too many android devices, there could be bugs on some.

Kids Math Tetris - Free 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Fixed some crashing issues on some special devices.
Previous Updates:
- Added Visual Effect for removing blocks.
- Added Visual Effect for scoring.
- Allow adjust touch sensitivity, volumns in the pause menu.
- Adjusted random number generator so numbers come out more reasonable.

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Android 1.5 以上

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