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Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle

Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle

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Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle 截图

Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle

Animal Zodiac Tetris Puzzle 描述

- Play a tetris puzzle game with a twist
- Fully gesture control support, soft buttons also provided.
- Chinese Zodiac Flavored
- More block shapes than original tetris
- Two modes of play: Classic Mode and Z Mode
- Collect your Zodiac Blocks while playing Z Mode. 144 Blocks to collect!
- Compete with people all over the world via our global scoreboard, no accounts needed, you simply need to input a user name.
- Local Stats provided, multiple accounts on a save device is supported.
Detail Description:
This is a tetris like game. Provides two modes of play.
1. Classic Mode:
Traditional tetris style, score by filling up rows.
2. Z Mode:
First 12 levels are named after the Chinese Zodiac animals(Mouse, OX, ...). In this mode you actually have two tasks: collect Zodiac Blocks and get high score.
Every level, there is a zodiac animal on the screen hidden by evil dark blocks, to level up you need to remove these blocks.
There are 12 Zodiac animals and 12 block shapes, every time you start this app, these 12 zodiac animals go randomly onto different block shapes. Every time conquer a level, you can collect the block with the zodiac animal of this level. There are 12Zodiac * 12Block shape = 144 combinations waiting for you!
Global scoreboard is supported, compete with people all over the world!
Local Stats is also here. Game supports multiple user accounts on a same device. Each user has her/his own saved games, stats and settings. There are two places for you to change user/settings:
i. In the main menu, select "User Settings"; ii. After gameover or after you select to save a game, a dialog will show for you to select/input user name. The previous played game goes to the selected user account.
The game is ads supported, but ads only show on menu's, they won't show during the game.
Keywords: tetris, animal, falling blocks, puzzle, zodiac, collections.

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Android 1.0 以上

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