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eWO Ice Work Order Tool

eWO Ice Work Order Tool

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eWO Ice Work Order Tool eWO Ice Work Order Tool eWO Ice Work Order Tool eWO Ice Work Order Tool eWO Ice Work Order Tool eWO Ice Work Order Tool

eWO Ice Work Order Tool 描述

PLEASE NOTE: eWO Ice REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION TO TRACTREE! eWO Ice is NOT to be confused with the FREE eWO Lite or the paid eWO Plus!, as they are "standalone" apps. eWO Ice requires TRACTree server interaction.

eWO Ice is a Field Technician's Tool for Work Order and Timesheet Processing in a Hosted Whole Office

environment. TRACTree subscription service gives you a Whole Office Solution to managing your Service

Department, Sales, and Jobs.

Before choosing to download eWO Ice, please visit our website www.tractree.com for a Video Presentation of what

you get with a TRACTree subscription. The cost is $100 per Month per Technician running eWO Ice. You'll also

get a license for running TRACLink on your Windows PC in addition to eWO Ice for your Android device.

REQUIRES Android 2.2 or higher!


What is a TRACTree Hosted Subscription?

TRACTree is a fully Hosted system for running your Construction and Service business... With database storage,

web browser access, bid tracking, call tracking, dispatching board, a Technician Knowledgebase, remote

Technician processing software (for PC and smart phones), a Customer's portal, and much, much more, TRACTree is

the cost effective, powerful software that can help your business grow!

eWO Ice is field Technician's tool used for processing Work Orders (Service Slips) electronically that were

created and dispatched through the TRACTree ServiceTRAC portal. _________________________

Features of eWO Ice and TRACTree:

(NOTE: for a full featurelist go to www.tractree.com)

- (TRACTree Web Portal) Create Service Call Work Orders

- (TRACTree Web Portal) Create Preventative Maintenance (PM) Work Orders

- (TRACTree Web Portal) Keep a Projects / Contacts List (For Quick Work Order generation)

- (TRACTree Web Portal) Create / Store / and Use Checklists for attaching to Work Order.

- (TRACTree Web Portal) Keep a Technician List

- (TRACTree Web Portal) Drag & Drop Dispatch Board

- (eWO Ice) Enter Parts Used

- (eWO Ice) Enter Labor Time

- (eWO Ice) Create / Store Timesheets, Sign Electronically and Email to Service Manager

- (eWO Ice) Get Electronic Customer Signatures

- (eWO Ice) Automatically Generate and Email PDF Work Order slips to Customers (uses your Gmail account

- (eWO Ice) Download a History of Work Orders before arriving on site. Get to know the issues that were there before your visit!


Call or Email us today for more information! (603)626-6070 or tractree@controltechinc.com

Please, North America sales only for eWO Ice and TRACTree subscriptions.



Industries using eWO Apps:

- HVAC Service

- Telecom

- Fire Alarm

- Commercial Kitchen Equipment

- Aviation Inspections & Service

- and many more!



We are looking for your Feedback on eWO Ice if you are currently a TRACTree subscriber.


How can we help make it better?

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Android 2.2.x 以上
TRACTree Software

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