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神奇的视觉 神奇的视觉 神奇的视觉 神奇的视觉

神奇的视觉 描述

This is the second episode of the Magic Eyes in Motion sequel. If you have not tried the first episode, search for "Magic Eyes in Motion" on the Market.
If you don’t know how to "see" stereo scene by crossing your naked eyes (hence the name cross-eye or magic-eye), you may want to Google the internet on that topic first.
How to Play
In this episode, you will fly in the outer space. The setting includes one space station and 7 space ships. Each ship has different color (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow & white) and shading so that they can be distinguished from the unreachable stars (as background).
Your mission is to bring the ships (I call then LIS in this game) back to the space station.
Use the following four actions to control the game.
1. Tap the screen. This action is used when:
- At the start-up, the game enters standby mode and waits for your tap to begin. Before you tap, adjust the roll & pitch (see below) of the screen to best your view angle.
- You can "grab" or attach an LIS when you get close enough to that LIS. Its color & shade will become transparent to signal that you are within the attachable distance.
- Another tap when an LIS is attached will release that LIS.
- If you tap and neither an LIS is within attachable distance nor an LIS is attached, then:
* the background stars will blink (dim) once so that you can see better other LIS out there among the stars, if there is any; or
* the stars do not blink because no LIS is in your facing direction (the half-sphere you are facing). Try to turn left-right or up-down and continue tapping to find one.
2. Touch and hold the screen. This action will move you forward. You can bump into the station or an LIS if you fast forward all the way.
3. Turn the screen to left or right (adjust roll angle). You rotate the handler to turn left or right when you drive a car; just like that. You rotate the screen counter-clockwise to turn left and clockwise to turn right. There is one catch though. Because the left and right images are fixed on the screen for your both eyes, your head (and hence eyes) will need to tilt accordingly when you turn the screen so that both eyes can receive the correct images to give you clear depth perception. My experience is that it’s not that difficult but does need a few round of exercise.
4. Flip the screen to up or down (adjust pitch angle). Flip the screen face toward upside to turn your fly direction down, or flip the screen face toward downside to turn your fly direction up. This action is very similar to when you hold a piece of glass (as a view window) and try to see things around you through that glass panel. Your depth perception will not (virtually) be affected by this action.
So, how do you bring the 7 LIS back to the station? Firstly you need to identify where they are among the stars by searching for spots with bright colors. Then move forward to one of them and attach when getting close enough to the target LIS. Fly back and into the station through either gate (hole) and release the LIS. Repeat for all LIS.
Make sure you release the LIS within the station to score. Both gates will close when you fly into the station.
A timer will display the time elapsed since you tap the screen to start the game. The timer stops on the last LIS been release inside the station. See how fast you can complete the mission. My record is 7 minutes & 19 seconds.
This game will not record high scores. And you will have to manually restart the game if you want. Just press the "back" or "home" buttons on your phone and go to the app page and start the application again.
- 在启动时,比赛进入待机模式,等待您的水龙头开始。在点击,调整屏幕到最佳的视角的侧倾和俯仰(见下文)。
- 你可以在“抢”或附加的LIS,当你得到足够接近LIS。它的颜色及灯罩也会变得透明,以表明你是可连接距离内。
- 当一个LIS连接将释放LIS另一个水龙头。
- 如果你点击并没有一个LIS内附着的距离,也不是一个LIS连接,则:
那么,你如何把7 LIS回台?首先,你需要确定,他们是在群星之间通过搜索点鲜艳的色彩。然后前进到其中之一,得到足够的接近目标时,LIS连接。飞回来,到车站或者通过门(孔),并释放LIS。重复所有LIS。

神奇的视觉 更新内容

2011/11/24: fix auto-scaling for large screen
2011/05/13: fix blank texture due to NPOT png

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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