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SIFE World Cup 2012

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SIFE World Cup 2012 SIFE World Cup 2012 SIFE World Cup 2012

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SIFE World Cup is the official interactive mobile app for the World Cup event in Washington DC, Sept 30-Oct 2 2012.
This mobile app allows you to:
* View schedules, and explore sessions.
* Create your own personal schedule and access location and other information.
* View the event Live
* Find travel and Hotel information
* Check-in to sessions, meetings, and keynotes
* View an entire feed of the event activity, including attendee check-ins, photos, and more.
* Earn points, badges, and prizes for being active on the app and at the event.
* Expand your network, interact with other attendees and have fun!
Features of the App:
* Status Update - a quick way to share photos, comments, where you are, and which session you’re attending
* Activity Feed - keep your finger on the pulse of the event. See what people are doing, view photos from the event, find trending sessions and topics, and “like” and comment on other attendee check-ins
* Agenda - view the full agenda and related information (session time, room number, speaker info, etc)
* Users - see who’s at the event, and connect with them on the app
* Profile - your official app profile, highlighting your name, profile photo, title, and company
* Leaderboard - see who has the most points at the conference and climb your way to the top with check-ins
Remember, as you use the app, you'll earn points and badges for participation. Enjoy the app and have a great show!
This app was created by DoubleDutch, the category leader in mobile engagement applications for events and sales teams. DoubleDutch’s mobile event app, Flock, provides the most interactive experience possible for event attendees, organizers, and sponsors. Flock provides a platform for attendees to share what they’ve seen, learned, visited, and achieved with a few simple taps of the phone. This social platform unlocks valuable insight for event organizers and makes events exponentially more enjoyable.
*状态更新 - 一个快速的方式来分享照片,评论,你在哪里,以及你参加这届
*活动饲料 - 让你的手指上时的脉搏。见什么人都从事件做,查看照片,发现趋势的会议和主题,以及“喜欢”和其他与会者签到发表评论
*议程 - 查看完整的议程及相关信息(会话时间,房间号码,扬声器的信息等)
*用户 - 看看谁在活动,并与它们连接的应用程序
*简介 - 您的官方应用程序的配置文件,凸显您的姓名,个人资料照片,标题和公司
*排行榜 - 看看谁拥有最点在会议上,爬上自己的方式与签入顶
这个程序是由DoubleDutch,类别领导者的活动和销售团队的移动应用程序的参与创造。 DoubleDutch的移动应用程序时,羊群,提供可能的活动参与者,组织者和赞助商最互动体验。羊群为与会者提供平台,分享他们所看到的,了解到,走访,并实现了与手机的几个简单的水龙头。这个社交平台解锁事件组织者宝贵的见解,使活动指数更愉快。

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