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Alchemy Genetics Helper

Alchemy Genetics Helper

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Alchemy Genetics Helper Alchemy Genetics Helper

Alchemy Genetics Helper 描述

Helps you get all 525 animals for the hit game Alchemy~Genetics.

Displays only animals that you can currently make. Find those elusive combinations and join the 525 club!

This is the first version and as such not everything is 100%%. It will initially take about 10 seconds to load, the screen will be blank, just wait. I'll be updating soon.

Some devices will give an OutOfMemory error, if it force closes on starting the app I'm sorry but you won't be able to use this app at the moment (I may update with a work around later).
A work around for this would be to not load the combos into memory (there's about 58,000 combinations btw), but only calculate the first available combination, ie only display one animal you can make. This would cut down memory and cpu use. By calculating all combos, you will be waiting ages for it to figure them out when you add a new animal.

I will not be adding images from the game either, as these are copyright material from Creative Mobile.

Found list is saved and you can clear it and start again at any time.

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Note that this is not a game in itself, but a guide to assist with completing a game called Alchemy~Genetics, find it in the marketplace.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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