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Textie™ Messaging is the unlimited text and photo messaging app for Android and iOS. If you and a friend are still paying to text each other, try using Textie Messaging instead—and communicate for free.
Textie lets you send messages to any other Textie user, any email address, and even to most U.S. mobile phones.* Replies come straight back to the app, so you can use Textie with anyone, whether they have Textie or not.
Textie is beautiful, fast, and easy to use—a natural extension to your Android phone. All messages are free—text and pictures. Especially between two Textie apps, Textie offers an unparalleled user experience.
This full-featured version of Textie is sponsored by a seamless integration with Fusion Ads.
"Stop texting until you’ve tried it." -Gizmodo.com
"4.5 mice!" - MacWorld.com
"A great eye for design." -TechCrunch.com
"This really is the Tweetie of messaging apps." -Horn Solo, User reviews
• Sends unlimited free messages to any Textie user, email address and most U.S. mobile phones
• Sends high quality photos to other Textie users or to any email
• Installs free on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
• Can be installed on multiple devices simultaneously
• Naturally integrates with your existing address book contacts
• Provides access to server-archived messages
• Uses secure SSL for all connections
• Uses battery-efficient Google C2DM Android push notifications (requires valid Google Market account credentials-- which you already have if you are downloading from the Android Market.)
* For contacts outside the U.S., use email addresses or go Textie-to-Textie. Please see http://textie.me/sms to see full details on Textie's SMS capability, as not all non-Textie phones can receive free Textie messages. Textie works independently from your existing SMS plan and billing.
Textie is always respectful of your privacy and security. Here is how it uses the Android permissions it requires.
• Use the Authentication Credentials of an Account
Textie servers do not see your Google account information; the credentials are used only to enable the battery-efficient Google C2DM push messaging through the Android Market.
• Full Internet Access / Receive Data From Internet / View Network State
Textie uses your internet connection to send an receive messages and photos, and occasionally to load small Fusion Ads. No identifying information or message content is sent to Fusion Ads.
• Read Contact Data / Write Contact Data
Textie servers never see the contents of your address book. When you receive messages, Textie locally displays the name and photo for the person from your contacts, and Textie sorts messages based on your contacts. Textie can save new contacts if you tell it to.
• Read Phone State and Identity
Textie uses the phone's android ID to sort out multi-device support with C2DM push messaging and for no other purpose.
• Modify/Delete USB Storage Contents / Delete SD Card Contents
Textie stores photos you take using in a Textie directory on your phone. Textie stores messages and photos locally in a database file on your phone.
• Prevent Device From Sleeping
Textie may for a few seconds prevent the device from sleeping while the app is initially registering for C2DM push messages.
• Discover Known Accounts
This is used only to enable Google C2DM push messaging. Textie servers do not see your account login information.
• Control Vibrator
Textie can vibrate on new messages if the sound is off.

Textie Messaging 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:New features and refinements!
• Delete conversations
• Delete individual messages
• Forward messages and photos
• Copy message text
• Open links in messages
• Miscellaneous fix ups and refinements
Let us know how it's running for you on Twitter @Textie
Support is available on the web at http://support.textie.me
Let your iOS friends know you've got it!

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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