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Stress Reduction Audio

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Stress Reduction Audio Stress Reduction Audio Stress Reduction Audio Stress Reduction Audio

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Want to better learn how to relax and find some stress relief? Stress Reduction-Audio contains two guided relaxation techniques to guide you through the process of becoming more fully relaxed. Some people find these techniques helpful for getting to sleep at night. Additionally, the app includes a number of peaceful nature sounds that may be used to help fall asleep.
This free version of the app includes ads and streams the audio from the Internet (so data rates may apply from your carrier if not using Wifi). The Full version allows you to download the full audio files to your device rather than streaming them from a remote server, and does not contain ads.
Two relaxation techniques are included along with a peaceful and relaxing background music.
1. Relax and Breathe - Walks you through relaxing all the muscles in your body combined with a deep breathing exercise. (7 minutes and 40 seconds)
2. Relax and Visualize - This technique is a mildly self-hypnotic procedure that includes relaxing your muscles, mind, and visualizing a peaceful scene. This is often a favorite. (15 minutes)
Note: These techniques are not intended to treat any emotional or physical condition. Rather, this app is intended for people who want to learn one of many techniques for coping with the stress of everyday living. If recommended by a psychotherapist, it may be used as a part of a larger treatment program.
1,放松和呼吸 - 引领你放松所有的肌肉在你的身体结合深呼吸运动。 (7分40秒)
2.放松和可视化 - 这种技术是一种温和的自我催眠的过程,包括放松你的肌肉,心,可视化一个祥和的景象。这往往是一个最喜欢的。 (15分钟)

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You can now play all the audio without an Internet connection.
Recent changes:
Added peaceful nature sounds as an option to help you fall asleep at night.

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