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Have u ever thought ur phone ringtone rings as ur wish? Let MaRingo do it 4 u!

Ma Ringo - Ringtone Scheduler

By using Ma Ringo you can schedule your ringtone at any time as your wish.

To use:

You can create themes to classify your ringos. If all your themes are deactivated then MaRingo will choose ringo that must be played on time
from ringos. When you activate a theme app will choose ringo from your activated theme. Let's make your style with MaRingo theme!

Ringo has a name, a ringtone file, start time, end time, default ringo, volume setting and repeat days.
You can select ringo file from phone ringtone db and audio
files(mp3, wav, ogg, mid) on your sdcard.

You can set start&end time of your ringo and volume level.
Default ringo will be played when there is no playable ringo.
When you install app first time your current ringtone will be chosen as a default ringo.

Quick time saves your time. You can keep your regular used time range. For instance "Morning" 07:00-12:00, "Sweet dreams" 11:00-07:00 etc,. After you save several quick time, you will be able to select ringo's start&end time from your saved quick times.

Repeat days will give you opportunity to set different ringos on different days.

Ringtone DB
Browse ringtones on your phone and delete ringtones.

Enjoy your time with MaRingo. MaRingo is your ringo:)


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some bugs were fixed

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Android 2.1.0 以上
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