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This is Antwerp

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This is Antwerp This is Antwerp This is Antwerp This is Antwerp This is Antwerp This is Antwerp

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To make sure you won't miss the numerous hidden secrets, pop-up bars and shops that Antwerp has to offer, we made the THIS IS ANTWERP app for iPhone and Android, which keeps you updated about what is hot and happening. Totally local and totally free.
- HOTSPOTS Eat, drink, shop, party, relax and act like a local. Wherever you are in Antwerp, we can show you all the hidden secrets in your neighbourhood or broader area, offline. Complete and up-to-date information in the palm of your hand: opening hours, telephone numbers, ... download it or you'll miss the hottest parts of Antwerp!
- AGENDA What is happening right here, right now? The agenda keeps you informed about what is going on today, tomorrow or next week. from parties to expositions, from live music to events, ...
- OFFLINE MAP: use the map to navigate the city without worrying about data charges - the map can be used offline.
- HOTSPOTS吃,喝,购物,聚会,放松心情,像一个地方。无论你是在安特卫普,我们可以告诉你在你家附近或更广泛的区域,离线所有的隐藏的秘密。完整和最新在你的手掌信息:开放时间,电话号码......下载它,否则你会错过安特卫普最热门的配件!
- 议程正在发生的事情就在这里,现在呢?议程让你什么是在今天,明天或者下周去明智的。从各方的论述,从现场音乐事件,...
- 离线地图:使用地图导航城市,而不必担心数据的费用 - 地图可以离线使用。

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- the map of Antwerp is now available offline (this means no more data charges when using the map to navigate the city!)
- added ATM category
- various bug fixes

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