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Force2SD lite [root]

Force2SD lite [root]

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Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root] Force2SD lite [root]

Force2SD lite [root] 描述

This app needs a rooted device. Use at your own risk.
The lite version only lets you move five applications to SD.
Save precious application storage! Force2SD lets you force most apps to move to SD card/external storage even when the system would not allow you to move them, thereby saving space in the app storage area. While Android as of version 2.2 introduced the feature that lets you move apps to SD card/external storage, it normally only allows the movement of applications explicitly marked by the developer as movable. Force2SD moves many applications not marked as movable.
You can also move applications back, and sort alphabetically or by apk size.
By default (you can turn this off) Force2SD will also scan for orphan app files on your SD card when starting. (Not yet working on Lollipop.) Sometimes, the system fails to delete the app file on the SD card when the app is uninstalled. If any orphan files are found, you will be asked if you want to delete them. This may help with some reboot issues. (This feature will continue to work even if you do not upgrade to the full version.)
Note 1: Applications moved to SD card / external storage will not get an on-boot signal when the device is booted up. So, do not move applications that need to perform some operations on boot. Of course, you should always be able to move these applications back if you're having problems.
As a bonus, if you don't want an application starting up on boot, you can use Force2SD to move it.
Note 2: After a reboot, it make take a while (even a couple of minutes) for the OS to show up the icons of apps that have been moved. That is normal--that's how the OS's apps-on-SD feature works.
Note 3: Some protected apps cannot move.
Note 4: Please email the developer before leaving negative feedback if it doesn't work--it may be possible to fix things.
节省宝贵的应用程序存储! Force2SD可以强制大多数应用程序移动到SD卡/外部存储甚至当系统不会让你移动它们,从而节省空间,在应用程序存储区。而Android作为2.2版本中引入的功能,让您移动应用程序到SD卡/外部存储,它通常只允许应用程序的移动明确标明由开发商为移动。 Force2SD许多移动应用程序未标记为可移动的。
默认情况下(可以关闭此功能)Force2SD也将在启动时扫描你的SD卡孤儿的应用程序文件。 (尚未工作的棒棒糖。)有时,系统无法删除的应用程序文件的SD卡上,当应用程序被卸载。如果发现任何孤立文件,你会如果你想删除它们来问。这可能会帮助一些重启问题。 (此功能将继续工作,即使你不升级到完整版本。)
注2:重新启动后,它可能需要一些(甚至是几分钟)的操作系统,以显示应用程序已被移动的图标。这是正常的 - 这就是如何OS的应用程序上-SD功能的工作原理。
注4:在离开之前,如果它不能正常工作的负反馈请发送电子邮件至开发商 - 它可能会解决的事情。

Force2SD lite [root] 更新内容

1.30: Bug fixes; disable orphan scan for Lollipop
1.25: Add orphan apk scan
1.20: Use new method for moving applications (press menu key to get option to switch back to old method)
1.11: Show unmovable applications, so at least the long-tap uninstall will work
1.08.1: Uploaded lite version which now supports moving five applications, and does not count unsuccessful moves.

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系统工具 Root
Android 2.2.x 以上

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