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ShopFast! Shopping List ShopFast! Shopping List ShopFast! Shopping List ShopFast! Shopping List ShopFast! Shopping List ShopFast! Shopping List

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ShopFast! - The fastest way to get your shopping done!
ShopFast! sorts your shopping list to get you through the supermarket as quickly as possible. And creating a shopping list is equally fast: The QuickSearch function lets you add any item with just a few keystrokes. Or just select one of you favorite recipes and let ShopFast! add everything you need. There is no faster way to get your shopping done!
+ ShopFast! remembers every item for future reference, so you put them back on your list very quickly
+ Supports multiple supermarkets, each with it's own particular order
+ Multiple lists, for multiple kinds of stores
+ Save your favorite recipes, with ingredients and cooking instructions
+ ShopFast! quickly generates a shopping list for the recipe of your choice
+ Checklists help you make sure your pantry is stocked, you'll never forget an essential item
+ Your data is safe with backup and restore, also when you move to a new phone
This is the FREE version (max. 50 items). Get the ShopFast! Pro Upgrade Key for only €1.99 in the Android Market (search for "ShopFast!").
Available in: English, Français, Español, Nederlands and Deutsch.
Visit ShopFast! on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ShopFast-for-Android/260293354006300
+ Un-checked items are items to buy. This also applies to checklists and recipes!
+ All Grocery Stores share the same grocery list. This is the big 'general' list for which ShopFast! remembers all items for future use.
+ Each non-grocery store has it's own separate list of items. This is useful for bookstores, hardware stores, etc.
+ For grocery-like stores, such as pharmacies, convenience stores or deli's it can be useful to mark them as Grocery Store and hide the non-relevant departments. This way you can still shop for items that are common between those types of stores.
ShopFast! - 以最快的方式完成您的购物!
+ ShopFast!记得每一个项目,以供将来参考,所以你把它们在您的名单非常迅速
+ ShopFast!您选择的配方快速生成一个购物清单
这是免费的版本(最多50个)。获取ShopFast!专业版升级密钥仅€1.99在Android Market(搜索“ShopFast!”)。
访问ShopFast! Facebook上:http://www.facebook.com/pages/ShopFast-for-Android/260293354006300的

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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