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My VODOBOX Android Server My VODOBOX Android Server My VODOBOX Android Server My VODOBOX Android Server My VODOBOX Android Server My VODOBOX Android Server

My VODOBOX Android Server 描述

To watch TV and movies from your home on your Android device with HD quality and without paying additional subscription:
1. install the VODOBOX Android Server software on your Windows computer to share your home's TV sources and video files with your Android mobile devices.
To download VODOBOX Android Server as evaluation version on your Windows computer :
2. install the free "My VODOBOX Android Server" application on all your Android mobile devices to connect your home TV server from any WiFi and 3G/4G networks.
The VODOBOX Android Server solution have compatibility with many video sources:
. video files from your computer and your network (avi, mp4, mkv, m2ts, wtv, ...),
. recordings on DVD,
. DTTV channels (device with a digital tuner required),
. Dreambox satellite receivers and clones,
. IP-TV channels from ISP,
. channels TV from Freebox HD / Player (video capture device required),
. TV recordings from Free Magneto,
. seeds from Freebox Server v6,
. webcams (DirectShow compliant).
To learn more about all the VODOBOX Android Server software features:
1,您的Windows计算机上安装VODOBOX And​​roid的服务器软件与您的Andr​​oid移动设备共享你家的电视信号源和视频文件。
下载VODOBOX And​​roid的服务器作为您的Windows电脑上试用版:
2,安装在你所有的Andr​​oid移动设备的免费“我VODOBOX And​​roid的服务器”应用程序从任何WiFi和3G / 4G网络连接你家的电视服务器。
该VODOBOX And​​roid的服务器解决方案有许多视频源的兼容性:
。 Dreambox的卫星接收机和克隆,
。从freebox上的HD /播放频道的电视(视频捕获设备所需),
。从freebox上Server V6中的种子,
欲了解更多有关的所有VODOBOX And​​roid的服务器软件功能:

My VODOBOX Android Server 更新内容

Release 1.20
. update button Help
Release 1.19
. restore rotate capacity on mobile devices
Release 1.18 :
. icon compliant with Play Store regulation
Release 1.17 :
. contextual messages update
. compatibility with Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Release 1.16 :
. protocol login update
Release 1.15 :
. email login fix for Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Release 1.14 :
. links update
Release 1.13 :
. compatibility with high-definition screens
Release 1.12 :
. optimizing display Android 4.4 (KitKat)

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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