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101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd

101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd

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101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd 101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd 101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd 101 Names of Dadar Hormuzd

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The Holy Prophet Asho Zarathushtra is considered the first monotheistic Prophet in the world, giving the message of One Almighty God known as "Ahura Mazda" (The Lord of Wisdom) to the ancient Aryan inhabitants of Iran at that time, probably around 6000 BC as per Greek and traditional sources. He is the founder of the Aryan religion of Zoroastrianism which is proudly practiced even today by the descendants of the Zoroastrians who migrated to India, known as the Parsees, a community known for its honesty; philanthropy and charity (witness the Tata group of companies, which channels its profits to a large charitable trust). Besides the Parsees, there are a few Iranians in Iran and elsewhere in the world who too proudly follow the religion of their ancestors, Zoroastrianism.
Avestan is a sister language to Sanskrit, and the Avestan scriptures such as the Gathas, Yashts, Yasna, Vendidad are as per tradition all attributed to the Prophet. The Hormazd Yasht gives an Avestan list of the powerful names of Almighty God, and this is prayed in entirety, not separately. However, to repeat the names of God separately outside of the main prayers, the Zoroastrians have a Middle Persian (Pahlavi language of Iran in Sassanid times) list of names of God which are reproduced in this Android Application along with their English translation, and this is known as the 101 names of Dadar Hormazd (The Creator Ahura Mazda).
101 Names of Hormuzd application provides you with option of reading following prayer:
1. 101 Names of God
• Supports most Android Phones
• Support for four different background colors
• Supports 3 fonts and 4 font sizes for the English language.

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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