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NFC Tag Writer Paging

NFC Tag Writer Paging

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NFC Tag Writer Paging NFC Tag Writer Paging NFC Tag Writer Paging NFC Tag Writer Paging

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Write, Initilize, and Secure your NFC Tags in just 1 Step.
In just 1 step, you can Write, Initialize, and Secure practically any NFC Tag. Narian's patented NFC Tag Writing technology makes it easy. Just go to www.nfcpaging.com and get up and running in 30 seconds. Just pick your NFC App theme, then enter your email address, and your set. You'll receive an email with your login information for this app. After you login to the NFC Tag Writer application, a list of all the NFC Tags you've created online will be shown. Then just pick the NFC Tag based on the name you gave it, and Tap a blank NFC Tag. After that, just have people Tap that NFC Tag and everything else is automatic.
This version of NFC Tag Writer by Narian Technologies is designed specifically for our NFC Paging Technology.
Works with most NFC Tags available today.
(Warning: NFC Tag Writer will automatically lock your NFC Tag as part of the security features. Once that NFC Tag is written to, it cannot be edited or deleted)
The most powerful and easy to use Near Field Communication Tag Writting technology today.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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