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The Smartest way to share contact and stay intouch forever!
KNOWN ISSUE: If you do not see contacts in the contactbook, please remove the account from Settings->Accounts & Sync -> IntouchId -> Remove account and relogin into the app.
IntouchId is a simple and elegant solution for sharing and storing contact information so you stay in touch with those that matter, forever!
Once connected on Intouch, you:
- never need to manage contact information of your contacts
- never have to worry about losing contacts
- get access to the same contact information across all your devices and online
In addition, we make it a snap to connect and share your auto-updating contact information. Just type the IntouchId or email id of the person or business in the app, and you are connected! Then, just update your contact info in one place and all your contacts automatically see the updates in their contact-books. Conversely, your contact-book is always up-to-date since the contact info is coming from the contacts themselves.
If you ever lose, upgrade or damage your phone; just login into the IntouchId app from the new phone and get all your IntouchId contacts in a snap! IntouchId completely eliminates contact management and gives access to the same contact information (as shared with you by your contacts) across all the devices you use as well as online, without any effort on the your end.
Watch the video below to learn how the IntouchId magic works.
Learn about benefits of IntouchId: http://www.theIntouchId.com/learnmore
Some salient features of the app:
1. Access your contacts directly from the native phone-book: The app ensures that your IntouchId contacts are visible directly in the native phonebook - even when you are offline. IntouchId contacts in your phonebook have a “*” added to the last name - these are the magically updating contacts you never have to worry about!
2. Never run out of business cards: Want to share your accurate and auto-updating contact information with someone? Just type their email id in the app and we will send them an email with your contact info. This way, they can always find you in future by searching in the inbox. If that person join IntouchId, you get to see their latest contact info too!
3. Connect with people and business on IntouchId: Just type the IntouchId in the app and you are connected to them in a snap. Their contact information shows up directly in your phone’s native contact-book, as well as across other devices and online. And your contact info is visible to them in their phone.
4. Update / Change your Contact Info on the fly: Are you travelling and have a local SIM card or hotel number that you would like others to reach you at? Is your phone acting up and you would like your contacts to reach at a different number? Just update your contact info and let your contacts know auto-magically!
How to get started:
1. Download the app and register for IntouchId
2. Connect with other IntouchId users. Type their IntouchId (or email) in the app to connect and stay in touch forever!
3. Control your contact info as seen by your contacts: Go to Main Menu -> Contact Info and fill in your information and chose access level
4. Share your IntouchId - add the ID to your email signature, put it on your business card, anywhere. Its a SPAM-free way of sharing your contact info.
We at Intouch are committed to keeping you in in touch with the people that matter to you by ensuring you have each other's latest contact information accessible all the time. We promise to give you lots of exciting value-add features very soon! Do Stay In-Touch!
Help us in spreading the word. Join us on
Facebook: http://fb.com/IntouchId
Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/115367675737083219981/
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/IntouchId
Questions? Our contact info: http://intch.me/*MY-CONTACT-ID
Note: We are currently in beta and we appreciate your feedback on how we can improve.

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Android 4.0 以上



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