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WICSA is the premier gathering of practitioners and researchers interested in finding out about and improving the state of practice of Software Architecture. Since its inception, WICSA has functioned as a working conference, where researchers meet practitioners and where practicing software architects can explain the problems that they face in their day-to-day work and so influence the future of the field. Next to traditional conference keynotes and paper sessions WICSA includes interactive working sessions where practitioners and researchers discuss their experiences to understand the current state of the field, and identify opportunities to make a difference in the future.
For WICSA 2011 the theme is "Architecture across boundaries" – exploring the relations between software, system and enterprise architecture in cyberspace. This conference puts architecture in a global perspective and looks at the crucial role of architecture in integrating enterprises across business, technological, cultural and geographical boundaries, interconnecting systems of systems, providing a frame of reference for communication, evolution and change, as well as an instrument for continuous innovation.
This year WICSA is co-located with CompArch, the federated events on component-based software engineering and software architecture.
2011年对于WICSA的主题是“跨越边界的建筑” - 探索在网络空间中的软件,系统和企业架构之间的关系。本次会议将架构在全球的角度来看,并期待在架构中的重要作用,整合企业跨业务,技术,文化和地域的界限,相互连接的系统的系统,提供了一个参考帧的传播,演变和变化,以及不断创新的工具。

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* Minor schedule changes
* Red theme

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