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Call Reminder Widget

Call Reminder Widget

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Call Reminder Widget Call Reminder Widget Call Reminder Widget Call Reminder Widget Call Reminder Widget Call Reminder Widget

Call Reminder Widget 描述

When did you phone your mother/brother/daughter/girlfriend/dinosaur? Time to be sure when.
Callback widget permits to keep track of the last time you called somebody directly from your phone's call log. This way you will never be accused of never calling mother ; (or at least you will accept the accusation).
Add the widget to your screen, select the contact you want to track, configure appearance, and then the widget will keep track of your calls directly with phone log. You can configure a minimum duration of conversation to be sure not to take into account calls of 10 seconds where you say you will call back (and never do). You can also configure a notification to remind you when to call.
Planned updates:
- Click on the widget will permit to either mark contact as called or call the contact instead of configuring
- "Configuration center" to configure installed widgets
- Minor bugfix.
Maybe the version after that will call your mom directly and tell her everything new!
This is a free app, only tested on a Samsung Galaxy S and generic Android emulator. Please report bugs or wanted features when leaving bad appreciation or comments.

Call Reminder Widget 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Added notifications: after a configurable time, a notification is triggered to remind calling the person

- Added configuration of text color

- Added configuration of a secondary text color used once a configurable time since last call is reached

- Minor bug correction

- Changed logo and name

Call Reminder Widget 历史版本

Call Reminder Widget 使用技巧

Call Reminder Widget 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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