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Daum Place - 다음 플레이스下载

Daum Place - 다음 플레이스

Daum Place - 다음 플레이스

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Daum Place - 다음 플레이스 Daum Place - 다음 플레이스 Daum Place - 다음 플레이스 Daum Place - 다음 플레이스 Daum Place - 다음 플레이스

Daum Place - 다음 플레이스 描述

Let your stories share together, Now and Here!

What do you do at places you've been, or after visit? If you enjoyed the place, you leave a message, scrawl on a wall if it's allowed, or take a photo. And you tell the stories to your friends or write a post on your blogs.

Daum Place is the best and easy way to share a photo of the places with short messages with your friends or someone interested in the spot. It is not just a msg but interesting and useful information to others.

With Daum Place, you can

Find a good restaurant near you including user reviews, menus, discounts, events, etc.
Show off your favorite or memorable photos of the place (i.e. when you see a celebrity at a cafe)
Also post message on your twitter and yozm(Daum's micro blogging service) at once.
Post a private message of the place.
Record places you've visited with just one tap of 'Check-in' button and track the history.
Let your friends know where you are, and vice versa.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Daum Communications

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