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The Whip Sound App

The Whip Sound App

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The Whip Sound App The Whip Sound App The Whip Sound App The Whip Sound App The Whip Sound App The Whip Sound App

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"Works great, sounds even better!" - Alex Miller
"Hit of the wedding party. We laughed so hard!" - Scinlet
"Love it. Great for jokes." - Derek Smith Fix
The Whip Sound App - App from The Big Bang Theory Series!
Has your friend just been told off by someone? Did your friend cave into doing something? Want to rub it in their face? Of course you do, and now you can - with The Whip Sound App for your Android device.
With this application, your Android device will become the most hilarious, inappropriate and embarrassing sound after someone gets horrendously shouted at, told to do something or caves into something! It’s from your favourite TV show and now it’s in your pocket - the app projects a ‘whip’ sound whenever you shake or tap the device - the best part is: it boots within a second, making it the fastest way to ‘crack’ a joke!
Your friends will hate how you completely humiliate them, just with a simple sound! They may hate you for it but they will simply love your humor. You don’t have to be a master of comedy to handle the whip - but timing can really help! So, you’ve watch The Big Bang Theory, you saw the whip and you wanted one? Then, The Whip Sound App is the perfect app for you!
Download The Whip Sound App today and begin your day with a crack!
- Shake or Tap to crack the whip!
- Useful in hundreds of scenarios!
- Can be used in serious or funny matters!
- Like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ whip app!
“伟大的工程,听起来更加美好!” - 亚历克斯·米勒
“打了喜酒。我们笑得那么厉害!” - Scinlet
“爱它。伟大的笑话。” - 德里克·史密斯修复
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
鞭声应用 - 应用从大爆炸理论系列!
有你的朋友刚刚告诉过被人?做你的朋友进入洞穴做什么?要擦在自己的脸上?当然,你做的,现在你可以 - 用鞭子声应用为你的Andr​​oid设备。
有了这个应用程序,你的Andr​​oid设备将成为最热闹的,不适当的,尴尬的声音后,有人被窘况大喊,告诉做某件事,或者洞穴到的东西!这是从您喜爱的电视节目,现在它在你的口袋里 - 应用程序项目,当你摇动或敲击设备'鞭子'的声音 - 最好的部分是:它在一秒钟内靴,使其以最快的方式,以“裂缝”一笑话!
你的朋友会恨你如何彻底羞辱他们,只是一个简单的声音!他们可能会恨你,但他们会简单地喜欢你的幽默。你不必成为喜剧的高手来处理鞭子 - 但时间真的可以帮助!所以,你看大爆炸理论,你看到了鞭子,你想要吗?然后,鞭声程序是为你的完美应用!
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
- 震动或点击破解的鞭子!
- 有用的数百个场景!
- 可用于严重的或有趣的事情!
- 像“大爆炸理论”鞭应用程序!

The Whip Sound App 更新内容

- interstitial (full-screen) ads are OFF
- a few bug fixes

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Android 4.0.3 以上
Ecler Studios

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