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Astro Clock Widget

Astro Clock Widget

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Astro Clock Widget Astro Clock Widget Astro Clock Widget Astro Clock Widget

Astro Clock Widget 描述

Astro Clock Widget, possibly the most complete visual clock for your homescreen

Astro Clock Widget is the most complete clock for your homescreen, is the perfect application to collect and display at a glance all the information regarding the time, date, active alarms and upcoming events in your calendar. And all this in a nice widget of selectable size.

* Three different sizes: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 cells
* Show time anywhere in the world with distance from the current position
* Unlimited number of widgets with different locations and time zones
* Time of sunrise and sunset
* Graphically displays periods of light, darkness, dawn and dusk
* Moon Phases with detailed aspect of the moon and visibility
* Seasons and Signs of the Zodiac
* Indicator of charge, temperature, voltage and duration of the battery
* Indicator of coverage and signal strength
* Shortcuts to calendar, clock, alarm and system settings
* Information of the next alarm that will sound
* Details of the next event recorded in the calendar
* Designed to save battery
* Work without Internet connection, don't need a data plan

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Necessary to run the widget each time you restart the device
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Used to obtain the current geographical position to set the widget, compute solar/lunar cycles and calculate the distance to the place that displays the time
READ_CALENDAR: Required to access information of the next event on the calendar
BILLING: Used by the Google billing framework

This application is shareware, feel free to use it as long as you like.
The FREE version periodically display self-promotion ads and a message reminding you the option to upgrade into the FULL version.
Once the FULL version has been purchased through the Android Market, "Astro Clock Widget" can be used in any Android device associated with the account you made the purchase with.

This application is in constant development. The implementation of some of its features depends on the hardware used and it is possible that if something doesn't work in the current version will do it in future updates.
Please, help to improve this application with your comments through the Android Market or by emailing antitetris@gmail.com

Astro Clock Widget 更新内容


v1.2.0 [Sa.31-Dec-2011]

New widget sizes of 3x3 and 4x4 cells

Show changelog when install a new version

Better memory management

Better way to open system alarm clock in Android v2.3+

Auto-promotion ads in FREE version

Improved alarm management by differentiating between inaccessible and disconnected

Fixed bug that prevent detection of Capricorn zodiac sign

Fixed minor bug in the battery graph

Fixed very rare bug reported after 50 days without bugs

Astro Clock Widget 历史版本

Astro Clock Widget 使用技巧

Astro Clock Widget 信息

手机美化 桌面
Android 2.2.x 以上
Emilio José Jiménez

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