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随手扫Handy Scanner

随手扫Handy Scanner

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随手扫Handy Scanner 随手扫Handy Scanner 随手扫Handy Scanner 随手扫Handy Scanner 随手扫Handy Scanner 随手扫Handy Scanner

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Handy Scanner Free turns your phone or tablet into a powerful document scanner. Say goodbye the piles of paper that follow you around. You can scan multipage documents, whiteboards, business cards and so much more. The post-processing filters give you the greatest quality with the lowest background noise.
Then, just share them to GMail, Dropbox or any other application. Better yet, use instant uploading to Dropbox! Produces both PDF and JPEG images!
★ Handy Scanner is both easy to use and efficient. We're still amazed of its performance
★ Handy Scanner Makes Scanning Documents With Your Camera Fun Again
★ Handy Scanner, it straightens and fixes perspectives, enhances readability, makes multi-page documents easy, and pushes PDFs quickly to wherever you'd like.
★ Scan Documents
» Take several pictures in a row (batch scan) with our custom camera.
» Automatic document bounds detection
» Improve readability with our filters (print-ready, enhance colors/contrast,...)
» Export documents to PDF or JPEG format (to Dropbox, Box, Gmail, GDocs, …)
» OCR your documents by sharing to the Google Docs application and selecting “Convert to Google Doc”
★ Manage
» Search your documents
» Post-process documents again
★ Why you should get Handy Scanner Pro
» No limits, free version gets you 20 Documents, 5 pages per Document
» Unlimited camera shots in a row (3 in the free version)
» Access the highest quality results (low and medium quality available for free users)
» Fine-tune your images by settings contrast/brightness
» Remove all watermarks from PDF files
» Remove advertisements
» To help us keeping this amazing app alive and kicking.
★ Notes
» Unfortunately Google Play won't allow us to reply to individual comments. If you experience problems, please contact us using the e-mail address below.
» Our camera component allows you to take multiple photos at a time by pressing the shutter multiple times. Since cameras are different on every Android device, we also give you an option to use the default system camera.
★ Permissions
» Access Network State, Internet: needed for Dropbox Instant Upload
» Camera: We have a great custom camera that allows you to take pictures of multiple documents in one go.
» Write external storage: This is how we save your documents.
» Get/Use Accounts: For Google drive sync.
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Handy Scanner Free PDF Creator 这是一套可以轻松将手机上的图片制作成PDF档案的应用,有时候想要抓报章杂志的单元或者抓考卷,手边又没扫描器可以用吗,放心有了这套软体再也不用透过SCANNER那么麻烦了,透过手机就可以简易将文件转成PDF文档。

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