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IMAIOS e-Anatomy

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IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy IMAIOS e-Anatomy

IMAIOS e-Anatomy 描述

IMAIOS e-Anatomy is an atlas of human anatomy for physicians, radiologists, medical students and radiographers. Try before you buy: visualize more than 8,500 medical and anatomical images for free before subscribing and gaining access to our medical labels.
e-Anatomy is based on award-winning IMAIOS' e-Anatomy online atlas. e-Anatomy allows you to carry around the most complete reference for human anatomy on your mobile device.
(More information and demo available on http://www.imaios.com/)
e-Anatomy has over 375,000 anatomic structures and more than 5,400 translated medical labels. Our modules cover five image modalities: CT, MRI, Radiographs, Anatomic Diagrams and Nuclear images. Some example module titles are: Petrous bone CT, Face CT, Spinal Cord Diagrams, CT lymph nodes for oncology, Coronary CT and Diagrams, Pelvis MRI and more!
- Scroll through images with the flick of a finger 
- Pinch to zoom in and out 
- Tap to display anatomy labels 
- Toggle anatomy labels on and off by categories 
- Locate any structure identified in a module using the search index 
- Auto screen rotation
- Change languages in the app
PRICE of application with all modules enabled is $89.99 per year (through IMAIOS online subscription).
SIZE of application is 400 Mb and WIFI connection is required to download images when installing the application. 
The medical information in this application is provided as a tool and reference for use by licensed medical professionals, competent healthcare professionals and no others, and it does not and should not be construed as any form of medical diagnosis or professional medical advice on any matter.
About module activation.
IMAIOS e-Anatomy has three methods of activation for our different users.
1) Existing imaios.com users can use their regular online account login details for full access to all modules. However an internet connection is needed periodically to verify your account.
2) Users who have purchased modules in previous versions of IMAIOS e-Anatomy can use the "Restore" feature to activate all previously purchased content. You will not be charged again and content is available offline forever.
3) New users are invited to subscribe to IMAIOS e-Anatomy. Your subscription will be automatically renewed so you can continue using IMAIOS e-Anatomy.
Additional Auto-renewable Subscription Information:
- Auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's account settings after purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
Screenshots are taken from the full e-Anatomy application with all modules enabled.
- 通过影像,用手指轻弹滚动
- 捏放大和缩小
- 点击显示解剖标签
- 切换解剖按类别标签上落
- 使用搜索索引找到一个模块中确定的任何结构
- 自动屏幕旋转
- 在应用程序更改语言
应用程序与所有模块的价格是启用$ 89.99每年(通过IMAIOS网上申购)。
应用程序的大小为400 MB和WIFI连接需要安装应用程序时下载图像。
  - 自动续期可通过购买后去到用户的帐户设置被关闭。
  - 订阅自动续订除非自动续订本期结束前关闭至少24小时。
  - 当前的订阅没有取消在积极认购期是允许的。

IMAIOS e-Anatomy 更新内容

-New module : Shoulder (CT Arthrogram)
-New : Advanced settings allow you tu customize the overlays opacity and the minimum font size.
-The three first series are now displayed as a shortcut in the settings panel.
-The chinese language is now proposed for app interface.
-The details view now includes an information to know in which category the anatomical structure is.
-If you search a structure which is hidden it will be displayed clearly.
-Update some module's cross references

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摄影图像 美化
Android 4.0.3 以上

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