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Are you looking for an on-screen keyboard that will work with your phone's small screen and slow CPU? Do you know or are you willing to learn Morse code? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions, then this may be the keyboard for you!
DotDash Keyboard is a drop-in replacement for Android's on-screen keyboard. It allows you to enter text via untimed Morse code, using three main buttons: Dot, Dash, and Space (as well as Shift and Delete).
- Type a letter by entering its series of dots and dashes
- Press Space to end a letter and move on to the next one
- Press Space twice to insert a space between words
- Press Delete to clear the letter in progress, or delete the last letter typed if there is no letter in progress
- Type the symbol ".-.-" for the Enter key
- Swipe up off the keyboard for a Morse code cheat sheet
(IMPORTANT: This is an "Input Method", also known as a "soft keyboard" or IME. It acts as a replacement for the default Android on-screen keyboard. As such, it doesn't show up in your applications list. Instead, after installing it you will need to go to your phone's "Language & keyboard" settings screen and tick the checkbox next to "DotDash Keyboard" to activate it. Then, (if you're using Android 3 or later) when you use any text field you will see a keyboard icon in your notifications bar. Tap on that and select "Choose input method" from your notifications list.)
Q: Isn't this an awful lot like that "Gmail Tap" April Fool's Day joke?
A: It is quite similar, but it's no joke. This is a real, working on-screen keyboard which I've been using full time on my cheapo phone since February 2012. Imagine my surprise when my personal software project was perfectly replicated two months later in Google's April Fool's Day video, right down to my rationale for designing it! I was planning to add a few more features before releasing it, but the video made me decide to publish this sparse but fully functional version ahead of schedule.
Q: This is nothing like the setup I use for ham radio.
A: No it isn't. Sorry! I'd like to add some more ham-friendly features, such as audio feedback, and timing-based input using one paddle, two paddles, and/or iambic, but I haven't gotten there yet.
Q: But really, why three buttons instead of just one?
A: This was actually a design decision. Not only does my phone have a tiny screen, it also has a very slow CPU. I found that input methods based on drawing on screen (or other usage of timing) frequently screwed up when my phone's CPU would bog down. By having a separate button for dot, dash, and space, it doesn't matter how slow the phone processes things, as long as it eventually registers each screen tap in the correct sequence.
Q: Can I switch back and forth between this and my original keyboard?
A: Sure! Just go to your phone's "Language & keyboard" screen and make sure both keyboards are ticked. Then, use the "Choose input method" option in your notifications menu. This will let you switch back and forth as much as you want.
Q: Where did you get all those Morse code groups for punctuation marks?
A: I made 'em up! See the Github page for this project, for more details.
Q: Where can I report a bug?
A: https://github.com/agwells/dotdash-keyboard-android/issues
Q: Are you sure this isn't a joke? It doesn't show up in my applications list.
A: This is an "Input Method", and so it doesn't show up in your applications list. See the note labelled "IMPORTANT" at the top of this description for setup instructions.
  - 通过输入其系列的点和线的键入一个字母
  - 按空格键来结束一个字母并移动到下一个
  - 新闻空间两次在单词之间插入空格
  - 按Delete键清除正在进行的字母或删除最后一个字母输入,如果有正在进行无信
  - 输入符号回车键“-.-。”
  - 向上滑动关闭键盘的莫尔斯电码小抄
(重要提示:这是一个“输入法”,也被称为“软键盘”或IME它作为一个替代默认的Andr​​oid屏幕键盘这样,它不会在你的应用程序列表中显示出来。相反,在安装后,你需要去你的手机的“语言和键盘”设置屏幕并勾选旁边的“DotDash键盘”。然后,(如果你使用的Andr​​oid 3.0或更高版本),当您使用激活的复选框任何文本字段中,您将看到您的通知栏键盘图标,点击它并选择“选择输入法”,从您的通知列表。)

DotDash Keyboard 更新内容

- Bug fix for old Android versions
- Updated the theme
- Added Morse code groups for several new punctuation marks: * [ ] { } < > ~ % ^ \ |
- Larger "dot" and "dash" graphics on the keys
- Added ". . . . - -" for the # character

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Android 1.6 以上
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