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Grand River Transit

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Grand River Transit Grand River Transit Grand River Transit Grand River Transit Grand River Transit Grand River Transit

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GRTransit -- Transit details for the Region of Waterloo, Ontario. NOTE: This app uses Google Analytics to track (anonymously) how the app is used, to give guidance on where improvements should be concentrated. This app displays bus route and stop information, as well as bus times, for the Grand River Transit (GRT) system, in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, which includes the cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge. You can search for stops or routes by name or number, and display them on Google Maps, as well as quickly see when the next bus will arrive or browse the timetables. Allows you to create a list of favourite stops, making checking for the next bus just a couple of clicks away. A design goal is not to require a data connection to operate, so the app does not calculate routes (Google Navigation uses the exact same data, so you should use that). All transit data is stored locally, so static timetable and route information is always available (but maps may not load). App is stored on your SD card if you allow it, and data is stored on the SD card if it's available. May be sluggish on first use or after an upgrade, while the initial database is constructed. Total data size can be up to 30 megs. It's either that or chewing up your online data quota. Data is provided in GTFS format by http://grt.ca. Google Navigation uses the same source. See http://baleka.org/gdmalet/android/grtransit for any last minute news, or for the latest test version of the code. This is open source code: everything, warts and all, is available at https://github.com/gdmalet/grtransit.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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