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Canton Arts District

Canton Arts District

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Canton Arts District Canton Arts District

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The CANTON ARTS DISTRICT APP is your first stop for First Friday info as well as the other days in the fastest growing downtown in Northeast Ohio. Learn about the sights, sounds and sips of this 6-block arts-centric area and get a sneak peek of what’s in store before you make your way to stay.
This FREE APP is brought to you by ArtsinStark, the county arts council, hosts of First Friday along with the Downtown Special Improvement District and the group responsible for managing the 330,000 square foot Cultural Center for the Arts, awarding over $1 million in grants each year, and running the Annual Arts Campaign each spring.
Why this APP?
Art Studios – See a listing, include website (as applicable), phone number and address of each of arts studios in the Canton Arts District.
Galleries – See a listing, including website, phone numbers, and addresses of the five arts galleries in the Canton Arts District.
Restaurants – Eating is a must so link here to see what’s Cooking in Canton.
Other – Arts aren’t just visual. The Canton Arts District has three LIVE theatres with addresses and websites listed for your convenience.
Cultural Center – The home of the Players Guild Theatre, Canton Ballet, Canton Symphony Orchestra, Canton Museum of Art and Voices of Canton Inc. is a few blocks away from the Canton Arts District. Find out what’s going on with these organizations as well as see rental information for the facility.
Look – What you see is not always what you get – until Look. Check out this feature with your smart phone to actually see what’s around the Canton Arts District.
Whether you’re planning to visit for an evening, a weekend or a little bit longer, you’ll want to stop and shop in the Canton Arts District. Visit the Canton Arts District at www.cantonartsdistrict.com.
Acknowledgement: This APP was created for the Canton Arts District and ArtsinStark by PPI Graphics www.ppigraphics.com

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