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mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition

mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition

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mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition

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mobilePDR® Prescribers Edition
mobilePDR® provides the most accurate FDA-regulated information on more than 2,400 drugs and is FREE to all US-based MDs, DOs, Residents, NPs and PAs.*
Physicians’ Desk Reference® is considered to be the most authoritative source of FDA-approved drug information available, providing you the ability to reference thousands of drugs on the market, at anytime, anywhere. No medical reference is more recognized and respected.
Based on the latest edition of PDR, mobilePDR® supplies easily accessible information on more than 2,400 drugs —right at the palm of your hand.
mobilePDR® is available for use on all Apple iOS devices including the iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch™.
• NEW! Access FDA and PDR Drug Communications, including new alerts, approvals and recalls
• Drug label information for more than 2,400 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products
• Hundreds of full-size and full-color drug images
• Comprehensive indexing (by manufacturer, brand/generic name, therapeutic category, generic/index)
• Full prescribing information
• Pharmacokinetics and mechanism of action
• Indications & contraindications
• Trials data
• Side effects
• Warnings and precautions
This PDR Network, LLC source of information is developed in partnership with MedHand Mobile Libraries.
PDR and Physicians’ Desk Reference are registered trademarks of PDR Network, LLC.
*PDR Network currently utilizes multiple source files for practitioner validation. If, for any reason, we are unable to validate a healthcare professional (i.e. physician, NP, PA) via these sources, the PDRN Customer Support team at 1-800-737-2577 can assist the end-user with validation. Depending on the user type, representatives can collect certain data attributes to confirm the status of the profession, or in some instances, request additional credentials for validation.
MedHand Mobile Libraries offers a SUBSCRIPTION FREE application with limited edition upgrade. The app enables you to make notes, search, add bookmarks and review what you previously been reading.
MedHand has created user-friendly, quick and intuitive applications. Offering the most trusted and well recognized medical guidelines provided by excellent publishers. MedHand delivers what you need, trusted knowledge at the point of care!
MedHand are presenting latest editions from renowned publishers such as Oxford University Press, McGraw-Hill, Wiley, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, PDR Network LLC and more.
®mobilePDR是可用于所有的苹果iOS设备,包括iPhone,iPad和iPod Touch™。
* PDR网络目前采用多个源文件医生验证。如果因任何理由,我们无法验证通过这些源医疗专业人士(如医生,NP,PA),1-800-737-2577的PDRN的客户支持团队,可以帮助最终用户验证。代表可以根据用户类型的不同,收集一定的数据属性来确认的专业地位,或在某些情况下,要求额外的凭据进行验证。
MedHand创建用户友好,快速,直观的应用程序。提供优秀的出版商提供最值得信赖和广泛认可的医疗准则。 MedHand提供你所需要的,值得信赖的知识点照顾!
MedHand展示等知名出版商Wiley出版社,牛津大学出版社,麦格劳 - 希尔,英国皇家医药学会,PDR网络有限责任公司和更多的最新版本。

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Bug fixes, please make sure you are having a stable wireless network connection while installing.

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