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London Bus Traveller

London Bus Traveller

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London Bus Traveller London Bus Traveller London Bus Traveller London Bus Traveller London Bus Traveller London Bus Traveller

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Quickly find your way around London by bus. See your route and stops on a map with the latest TFL Countdown information.
The perfect app if you want to take a bus but normally wouldn't because you're not sure which one to take or where they go.
Also perfect for bus journeys to places you haven't been to before, or for getting you home from wherever you currently are.
To quickly find your way around London by bus, just tap the map at your journey start and end points. London Bus Traveller will then display the best bus routes and stops for your journey on a map. You can also search for addresses or landmarks in London and all your previous search locations are remembered.
*NEW FEATURE* Along with showing you the best bus routes for your journey, the app will also show you the next three bus arrivals at your departure point using TFL's Countdown service - this information is live and updated as you wait.
Up to 10 different bus routes can be shown for your journey with the fastest routes shown first. Supports single and two bus journeys and night buses.
Works in either portrait and landscape mode, on display sizes from small phones to large tablets and on Android 2.1 and up.
This app, although powerful, is also tiny at just under 300k, so it won't take much of your precious phone's available memory!
Here's what some of our users think of London Bus Traveller
- Simple Easy to use and does what it says!
- Great ap for travelling around London. A 'must have' for tourists.
- Awesome If you don't know what bus take, this app knows..
- Amazing! Used this app a lot recently. Truly wonderful. Nice ui, really fast and simple to understand route options
- Semplice e immediata Tre clic e hai tutte le opzioni necessarie per raggiungere la tua destinazione. Must have.
- Brilliant it's perfect if you don't know buses in London! I really struggle finding buses to get me where I need to be so I just get the tube. brilliant!
- Fantastic! This is what any bus app should be like, easy, intuitive and fun!
Why not give it a try?
This app is now for sale as part of a portfolio of three apps that includes London Bus Traveller, It's My Stop and London Tube Traveller. Interested parties should contact mobilereaction@gmail.com
*新功能*随着显示您为您的旅程最好的公交线路,应用程序也会显示您使用TFL的倒计时服务在未来三巴移民在出发点 - 当你等待这个信息是实时和更新。
工作在两种纵向和横向模式,从小型的手机到大平板电脑和Android 2.1系统和显示器尺寸。
- 简单的易于使用和做什么它说!
- 伟大的AP为游览伦敦各处。 A'必须拥有'的游客。
- 真棒如果你不知道什么公交车走,这个应用程序知道..
- 惊人的!最近使用这个程序一个不少。真正精彩。漂亮的UI,真快和简单易懂的路线选择
- Sempliceêimmediata滓CLICê海皆如此乐opzioni necessarie每raggiungere拉图阿destinazione。必须具备的。
- 辉煌这是完美的,如果你不知道巴士在伦敦!我真的很努力找到公交车让我在哪里,我需要让我刚刚得到的管。辉煌!
- 太棒了!这是任何总线的应用程序应该是这样,简单,直观和有趣!

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Implemented fix at Google's request. Works correctly on all devices running Android 2.1 and up. Designed for phones and tablets.

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旅游出行 公交地铁
Android 2.1.0 以上
Mobile Reaction

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