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EI: Komodo Island

EI: Komodo Island

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EI: Komodo Island EI: Komodo Island EI: Komodo Island EI: Komodo Island EI: Komodo Island EI: Komodo Island

EI: Komodo Island 描述

Exploring Indonesia : Komodo Island or what we called EIKI, is an application intended to promote one of Indonesia's wonderful Tourism Spot, The Komodo National Park. It is designed to help people to know, go and explore The Komodo National Park.
The application generally separated into four main section :
- The Wonders
- Explore
- Go To Komodo Island
- Maps
The Wonders would tell you about the History, Wildlife, Diving Site and all of other Komodo National Park wonderful nature and uniqueness.
With Explore menu the things you need and the things that you can do while you're on Komodo National Park. You can find activities such as watching Komodo Dragon in their natural habitat, bird watching, trekking, diving, snorkling, water sport, fishing or visit the villages for their cultural heritage. We also provide information about hotel (complete with its price range), restaurant, bar, and other places you need to know to make your visit on Komodo National Park more Enjoyable !
Going to Komodo National Park is the section that will help you to find information such as Air Plane ticket, schedule, or Travel Agent that can arrange your visit to the Komodo National Park.
And the last part is the Map. The map will help you in navigating your way around Komodo National Park. Planning and looking for places that would interest you. Or just having fun reading the description of the avalaible POI.
To help you navigating around the map, you can use the Go To Location action at the top of the activity. Or you can filter the available POI, based on category that matched your current interest.
We hope you would visit Komodo National Park and enjoy its beauty and unique experience. Happy exploring !
- 该奇观
- 探索
- 转到科莫多岛
- 地图
而最后部分是地图。该地图将帮助您更好地浏览你周围的科莫多国家公园的方式。规划和寻找,将你感兴趣的地方。或者只是觉得好玩阅读avalaible POI的描述。

EI: Komodo Island 更新内容

0.8.2 Update :
- add default image for hotel
- fix SMS Interval
0.8.1 Update :
Added Vote feature for voting komodo as the new 7 world wonder. On the main menu, push the menu button, and a new option menu "Vote" will show. Tap it and you can send SMS to 9818 automatically (max 9999 SMS)
*Tested on Simpati, the reply from 9818 isn't immidiate. But you can check from the remaining balance to see it works. (Rp.1 for each SMS)

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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