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Abacus (Soroban) Lite

Abacus (Soroban) Lite

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Abacus (Soroban) Lite 截图

Abacus (Soroban) Lite Abacus (Soroban) Lite Abacus (Soroban) Lite

Abacus (Soroban) Lite 描述

Simple abacus !

(English uses the translation software. )

It is a simple abacus application program.
Digits are seven digits.
The lite version can be used by four digits.

This application program corresponds to the multi touch.
If it is Android 2.0 or more, bead can be moved at the same time.

- Zero reset
It is possible to reset it by vertically putting up the main body, and shaking it lightly.
Even if "Reset" is selected from the menu panel, it is similar.

- It forwards it to the clipboard.
The numerical result can be copied onto the clipboard, it put on other application programs such as note pads, and it do.

- setting
Use existence of vibration.
Use existence of sound effect.
Presence of numeric display in the upper part of digit.
Size of numerical value.
Image selection of bead. (Regular version only)
Color selection of background. (Regular version only)

In the lite version, the setting is not preserved.

Tested devices: Galaxy S and Sharp 005SH.
It is safe also by the resolution such as Galaxy Tab. However, some spaces can be likely to be done at the right of the screen.

[retrieval word (suitability)]
Calculator, calendar, diary, Abacus, emu, angry, Tetris

Abacus (Soroban) Lite 更新内容


version 1.1.0 (July 7, 2012)

- It seems that it cannot use by Android version 1.6 from this time. sorry..

- Gap of the display position of a picture was corrected.

- When multi-touch operation was carried out, the fault which becomes an error was corrected.

- It advertised small.

Abacus (Soroban) Lite 历史版本

Abacus (Soroban) Lite 使用技巧

Abacus (Soroban) Lite 信息

Android 2.0.0 以上
Navitan Soft

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