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Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd

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Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd

Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd 描述

OsmAnd (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) is a map and navigation application with access to the free, worldwide, and high-quality OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.
Enjoy voice and optical navigator, viewing POIs (points of interest), creating and managing GPX tracks, using contour lines visualization and altitude info (through plugin), a choice between driving, cycling, pedestrian modes, OSM editing and much more.
Some of the main features:
• Works online (fast) or offline (no roaming charges when you are abroad)
• Turn-by-turn voice guidance (recorded and synthesized voices)
• Optional lane guidance, street name display, and estimated time of arrival
• Supports intermediate points on your itinerary
• Automatic re-routing whenever you deviate from the route
• Search for places by address, by type (e.g.: restaurant, hotel, gas station, museum), or by geographical coordinates
Map Viewing
• Display your position and orientation
• Optionally align the picture according to compass or your direction of motion
• Save your most important places as Favorites
• Display POIs (point of interests) around you
• Display specialized online tiles, satellite view (from Bing), different overlays like touring/navigation GPX tracks and additional layers with customizable transparency
• Optionally display place names in English, local, or phonetic spelling
OSM Data
• High-quality information from the best collaborative projects of the world
• OSM data available per country or region
• Compact offline vector maps updated at least once a month
• Selection between complete region data and just road network (Example: All of Japan is 700 MB or 200 MB for the road network only)
Safety Features
• Optional automated day/night view switching
• Optional speed limit display, with reminder if you exceed it
• Optional speed-dependent zooming
• Share your location so that your friends can find you
Bicycle and Pedestrian Features
• Viewing foot, hiking, and bike paths, great for outdoor activities
• Special routing and display modes for bike and pedestrian
• Optional public transport stops (bus, tram, train) including line names
• Optional trip recording to local GPX file or online service
• Optional speed and altitude display
• Display of contour lines and hill-shading (via additional plugin)
Directly Contribute to OSM
• Report data bugs
• Upload GPX tracks to OSM directly from the app
• Add POIs and directly upload them to OSM (or later if offline)
• Optional trip recording also in background mode (while device is in sleep mode)
OsmAnd is open-source and actively being developed. Everyone can contribute to the application by reporting bugs, improving translations or coding new features. The project is in a lively state of continuous improvement by all these forms of developer and user interaction. The project progress also relies on financial contributions to fund coding and testing of new functionalities.
Approximate map coverage and quality:
• Western Europe: ****
• Eastern Europe: ***
• Russia: ***
• North America: ***
• South America: **
• Asia: **
• Japan & Korea: ***
• Middle East: **
• Africa: **
• Antarctica: *
Most countries around the globe available as downloads!
Get a reliable navigator in your country - be it France, Germany, Mexico, UK, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Brazil or any other.
 •完整的区域数据和刚路网之间选择(例如:全日本的700 MB或200 MB的道路网络只)
 •显示的轮廓线和山 - 遮阳(通过额外的插件)
 • 西欧: ****
 • 东欧洲: ***
 • 俄国: ***
 • 北美: ***
 • 南美洲: **
 • 亚洲: **
 • 中东: **
 • 非洲: **
 • 南极洲: *
找一个可靠的导航仪在你的国家 - 无论是法国,德国,墨西哥,英国,西班牙,荷兰,美国,俄罗斯,巴西或任何其他。

Maps & Navigation — OsmAnd 更新内容

- New context-sensitive UI for tapping locations on the map and on other screens
- Map screen is now launched directly unless 'Show dashboard on app start' is selected
- Configure which and how cards are displayed on the dashboard
- To download maps, regions can be directly selected by tapping on the world map
- POI Search now supports more specific queries
- Improved POI and OSM editing functionality
- Map data download structure and interface reworked
- Waypoints functioning fixed

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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